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CORINTH EXPLORES: Annapolis - My Sadona Salon & Spa Experience

Last month, I had the awesome opportunity of attending The Best Of Party Event in Annapolis, and alongside my blogger friend Iliana, we were able to experience a complimentary hair finishing service and a manicure at this amazing salon & spa right by downtown Annapolis, to prep us for the night!

This post is all about Sadona Salon & Spa, and why I think you should visit them whenever you find yourself in the cutest little town in Maryland.

Sadona Salon & Spa
Sadona was conceived with the belief that a salon and spa should be a welcome and tranquil experience. And from the moment you walk through our door, you will see exactly what we mean.
Sadona Salon & Spa
Sadona Salon & Spa

You will find Sadona Salon & Spa along the strip of West Street, and honestly, it's the prettiest salon I've ever stepped foot in! The moment we entered that beautiful mint-blue door, we were greeted so warmly by the staff. We had a quick tour given by the lovely Annie, and from that moment on, we just fell in love with Sadona. We were offered refreshments, and they even had some essential oils dropped in my water. It was amazing to say the least, and the entire time I was there, I felt so relaxed and at peace!

Sadona is a beautiful two-storey building - the first floor is where the salon is, and upstairs is where I wanted to call home, aka, the spa area! HAHA. For a full list of their services, click here.


The salon area, which is the first floor, is stunning! I loved the interior design, and the whole area smelled so good. The salon has three parts, hair, nail, and makeup, which I think is brilliant! This is where Iliana and I got our hair and nails done! Alaina took care of my hair, and I wasn't able to get the name of the girl who did my nails, but I was very pleased with both services!

FUN FACT: The building was an old bank, so it had a vault! The salon kept the vault, and it's where you go when your hair is being treated for color! That alone is so cool! 

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The second floor is where the spa section is located, and both Iliana and I fell completely in love with everything! It can legit be a home if only it had a kitchen! Every corner looked inviting, relaxing, and just simply beautiful. Unfortunately, we weren't able to do a spa session because we didn't really have time for that, but I'm sure that it is a great service as well. I will definitely keep Sadona pinned to my to-do list when I do go back and spend a day or two in Annapolis, to treat myself to a body spa. They have different packages, and they even have one for couples, perfect for a date night with your special someone!

This is where Iliana and I changed into our event clothes, and where we did our makeup. It was such a wonderful experience, and we just loved how accommodating the staff was.

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15 West Street, Annapolis, MD 21401  |  (410) 263-1515  |

Hours of Operation:
Mon - Tues: 11-7
Wed - Fri: 9-7
Sat: 8-4
Sun: 10-4


I'm sure you can already tell that I loved my Sadona experience! If you are in Maryland, and you happen to find yourself in Annapolis, do yourselves a favor and check out Sadona Salon & Spa. You can book ahead of time, but they do accept walk-ins as well! 






Thank you Sadona for such an amazing pampering experience!
It definitely made my first visit to Annapolis memorable!




DISCLAIMER: The services we received were free of charge, but all opinion and thoughts expressed in this post are entirely my own!