My Wedding Prep Photos

Given that our wedding was on a very tight budget, Jorge and I didn’t really even think about hiring a photographer but we weren’t worried at all. We actually looked forward to taking photos of each other and surprisingly, the photos came out better than expected!

We didn’t really plan on getting ready at the hotel room that we booked for the night (ooooh ;)), but we had to check in before the wedding just so I can iron Jorge’s shirt because we don’t have an iron at home. :| After I ironed my fiancé’s shirt, we started dressing up for our small and intimate wedding. Jorge took photos of me getting ready, I took photos of him while he was getting ready and boy that was really fun. He looked so handsome and he couldn’t get enough of my overall look as well.

Later on that night, after the ceremony and  little party with my family and friends, we checked out the pictures and we’re so proud to say that we did really well in our prep photos. <3

Shot with a Canon EOS 7D with Sigma’s 18-35mm 1.8 // Edited by Jorge with VSCO Film 01