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$20 Thrift Store Challenge

I have seen posts on YouTube about these thrift store challenges, and I've been wanting do it for awhile since. So when my friend Ines invited me to go thrift shopping with her a few weeks ago, I was so excited because I finally had the chance to do it!

I have put off thrift shopping for months here in the US because I didn't know where to go! Heck, there weren't many thrift stores in Whitehorse either! So when Ines told me that she loves thrift shopping, and that we should go together, I didn't pass up on it! She took me to a small thrift store right by Rockville Town center and I was very pleased with the items I picked up! Thrift stores can be pretty overwhelming at times because let's be real here, it's always a jungle inside of those places, but if you are patient and eager enough, you can find great vintage pieces! And one great about thrifting is that you don't have to worry about wearing the same clothes as your friends! 😂

Spoiler alert: I got 4 items and they were all 5 bucks each! HAHA.

Olive Crush

Fall is the season for mustards, burnt oranges, and olive greens, so when I saw this olive green turtleneck sweater in my size, I had to snatch it up! I also picked up the pair of mom jeans in the photo, and it is my favorite purchase out of the 4 items I got! It's high waisted and I love how I can wear a belt to secure it without doing the bacon thing on my waist! You know what I mean? HAHA. It fits perfectly! I kept the whole look simple by accessorizing with black leather: booties and bag are from JustFab, watch is from Daniel Wellington, belt is from Target, glasses are from

casually gray

I don't know why this gray sweater reminds me of Mr. Bean, but it does, and I think that's weird! Is it the elbow patches? 🤔  Anyway, I picked up another sweater because I thought I needed more. Haha. Kept the whole look very casual by wearing the same thrifted mom jeans and my dirty chucks.

Cropped Denim

Denim will always be a staple piece in my wardrobe and I won't ever have enough! Besides, this was only $5, and it fit me well, so I picked up another denim jacket. It's cropped, and it has a few holes in it which I love, because I love rugged-looking stuff sometimes. I wore my new H&M t-shirt dress underneath, and finished the look with my new fave boots from JustFab. Unfortunately, the booties aren't available on the site anymore! 

Those were all the items I got from my first thrift store shopping here in the US, and I can't wait to raid Goodwill and Salvation Army! 🙊  I'm "window shopping" online what's trending right now, and I'm going to do my best to find similar pieces in thrift stores! 

 Which look was your favorite?✨

📷  by Jorge Suarez, edits by moi!