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What I Got For Christmas | 2015

I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT CHRISTMAS JUST PASSED! Like, HOW IS THIS YEAR FLYING BY SO QUICKLY?! Time should slow down a little bit, seriously! Anyway...

This is my first Christmas in the United States and as most of us know, Americans don't really do Noche Buena. They sleep on the night of the 24th, wake up on the 25th and open presents that day. That was my Christmas this year, in my new home. But not celebrating Noche Buena isn't a new experience for me. I remember that one time my sisters and I celebrated Christmas at a computer shop. 😂 It was fun, but that definitely wasn't a great way to celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Saviour. All I'm saying is, I really miss THE Filipino Christmas, and it kinda sucks that I'm not living with my sisters anymore. It feels very weird and I sometimes feel lonely because there's nobody I can share my culture with, but still, I'm very happy and grateful to be with Jorge this holiday season.

Now that we've got that intro out of the way, let's get on to the main reason why this post is up. I've never done a post like this one before and I thought it would be nice to do one because I've been seeing YouTubers posting videos on what they got for Christmas. The stuff I got will never be as extravagant as what those YouTubers received but I'm still really happy to show you guys the gifts I got this year! 

Instagram Calendar 2016

instagram calendar 2015

The card says: Wishing you a Pawsitively purrfect 2016. How cute!

This is not the first time to receive a package from Instagram but it's always a treat every time I open a box from them. This year, they sent the Instagram Calendar 2016, featuring the animals of the Instagram community. Jorge received one as well and I like that we don't have to share it. HAHA. I liked this calendar better than the one I got last year because it's more functional. This year, the calendar came in a little pouch that I can use as a little makeup bag, a cardboard stand for easy display, and the photos/calendar itself is a notepad. Last year's didn't have all of those things.

Why is July 24 a special day for me? 🐰

Why is July 24 a special day for me? 🐰

ColourPop items c/o Jae

UltraMatte Lips in LIMBO, Super Shock Shadow in NILLIONAIRE, Créme Gel Liners in Stomper

UltraMatte Lips in LIMBO, Super Shock Shadow in NILLIONAIRE, Créme Gel Liners in Stomper

One day, I tweeted about how Colourpop is torturing me by always coming out with a bunch of bundles and new products and me not having enough money to buy what I want. It's kinda pathetic, I know, to slur over makeup products when I have so much makeup already but what can I do?! I'm a girl!

Luckily for me, I have an angel friend who is very generous and decided to gift me some ColourPop items I've been dying to have. If you follow me on Snapchat, you've seen me use all of these products one night. I love them all and I'm really looking forward to doing more makeup looks using these. Thank you again JAE for this wonderful Christmas gift! 

Adult Coloring Book + Coloring Pencils

adult coloring book
adult coloring book flowers

Jorge won me this adult coloring book set at a Christmas party he attended. I loved coloring books when I was little but now, I'm not really into this kind of stuff. I flipped through the pages and seeing the flowery patterns almost gave me a headache! 😂 It's a great thing to have especially on slow days. It might come in handy in the future. Maybe I can challenge myself to finish coloring this book before 2016 ends. I could blog about it! YEAH? NAH? 

Parabo Press Square Prints

square prints parabo press

I discovered Parabo Press through Instagram. Instagram ads work! Parabo Press was providing a code that gives customers 25 FREE square prints! Of course I had to try it because I love seeing my digital photos printed out. I just paid for shipping which didn't cost much because they're a company based in the US. Jorge and I opened up the package Christmas morning and we were satisfied with how the prints came out. I just noticed that the colours came out a little desaturated than how they really are digitally but it's not alarming. The photos still looked sharp and high-quality. What I really loved was the packaging! The photos came in a little ziplock plastic bag so you're sure that your photos will not get wet, in any case of delivery mishandling or something. It also has this cute little cardboard that can be used as a flatlay accessory for small things. Parabo Press offer other products as well so be sure to check them out.

parabo press thank you card

Gifts from the Family

gifts 2015

On Christmas morning, after we all had our coffee and breakfast, we all sat down at the dining room and opened up our presents one by one. These are the things I got:

  • Eggs and Nutella + Banana French Toast Rolls c/o Julian. They were so yummy! He even washed my dishes so that was a real treat!
  • I've been needing some pairs of leggings and my mother-in-law got me two pairs from Victoria's Secret! She also gave all of us chocolates in our stockings and most of them have almonds! I love CHOCOLATES WITH ALMONDS! I think they're the best!
  • Starbucks gift cards + Cash from my mother-in-law and Jorge's step-dad. We could always use some cash and Starbucks credits! We love Starbucks' White Chocolate Mocha and their Cranberry Bliss bars! OOOH!


Jorge and I didn't really give each other gifts this year because we're a little tight on our budget so we considered our New York City trip our little Christmas treat. Jorge really wanted to get me a watch and I finally found a watch I really wanted but that will have to wait because Cluse Watches is kind of heavy for us right now. 😭 We spent 1 and a half day in New York City and it was amazing! Blog posts and a VLOG will be coming soon! 

My sisters in Canada had a great Christmas celebration but sans Corinth so I asked them to Snapchat as much as they can! My sister Hannah just uploaded her Christmas VLOG and I really enjoyed watching it and it felt like I was there. Made me miss them more! 😭

Subscribe to her channel if you want to see daily updates of her life with her adorable kids!

We are used to celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve! We call it the Noche Buena! We ate dinner, opened gifts and played a game. It was a really fun Christmas for our family! We are missing our sister Corinth Suarez though. We roasted a turkey (the free one I got in one of my vlogs).

- Hannah Sunico

That's everything I got for Christmas so far! The holiday season isn't over yet so I might still be getting gifts from people. I have my fingers crossed! ✌

I hope you guys had an amazing Christmas and I wish you all a happy New Year! 

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