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What I Wore: IN D.C.

What I Wore in D.C. | ExplorewithCorinth

I've been wanting to bring this series back on my blog for such a long time now but I just didn't have new clothes or outfits to show you guys. I left majority of my stuff in Canada and now, I kind of regret not bringing them here. 😭  Well recently, Jorge took me shopping and he got me a few new pieces and I'm really happy about my purchases. He said that he will make sure that we go shopping once a month for new clothes because we need to look #fresh and that way, we don't use our money for eating out. HAHA. One shirt equals one Chipotle meal. You get it?😂  So hopefully, my WHAT I WORE series will continue from here on out.

A few days ago, we drove to D.C. to support Jorge on his Daniel Wellington Snapchat takeover. If you guys followed the Snapchat takeover, let me know in the comments section if you were one of the viewers! I wore my new yellow crop top to express my feelings about the beautiful weather that day; it's finally feeling like summer! We got a few outfit shots squeezed in that day so here yah go!✨

photos by Jorge Suarez edited by me

What I wore:

Crop Top - Forever21
Jeans - H&M
Denim Jacket - Thrifted
Boots -
Bag - Forever21   

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