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What I Wore: To Work

What I Wore: to work

Since I’m still uncomfortable wearing just shorts to work, (and also because of my polkadot legs) I always wear tights or stockings under my shorts. It was a bad move to have worn my ripped stockings though because it was very hot that day! I also wore black here because we’re required to wear black for work but that’s good news because we finally ditched our uniforms! 

I know this is very basic but I just felt the need to post an OOTD post. Hehe. And only because Jorge requested these OOTD photos that I ended up having enough pictures to post. :)

black shirt - WalMart // holed cardigan - eBay // shorts - vintage // stockings - WalMart // sneakers - WalMart // sunnies - Forever 21 // purse - from Vancouver // necklace - Philippines