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WHAT I WORE: Gray Matter

Jorge and I pulled an all-nighter so we decided to just spend the day awake instead of going to bed at 7 AM. We went to the place where I work and enjoyed mochas, a cinnamon bun and a bbq chicken quiche. It was delicious! <3 After our brief brunch, we drove up to Miles Canyon, our favorite place in Whitehorse. Fun Fact: It's where Jorge and I got MARRIED!

The weather today couldn't make up its mind so it decided to just give us a little bit of everything: sun, clouds, rain, snow and HAIL! Yup! It was crazy awesome! It was beautiful up there and it was the perfect day to shoot some What I Wore shots for the blog. Thank you my sweet husband for the lovely pictures.

It was still a little too cold for just this outfit but after all the walking and running I did back and forth the bridge, my body was able to warm up a tiny bit. 

I cannot stress enough how gorgeous the water is! It's unbelievable! Miles Canyon makes my heart smile.

Then all HAIL broke loose! 

Thanks to the kind stranger who willingly snapped this cute photo of me and Jorge! <3


ROMPER // Forever 21

CARDIGAN // Divided | H&M

SCARF & PURSE & BOOTS // Forever 21

TIGHTS // Thermal Pants from Joe Fresh (Superstore)

RINGS // Fresh Tangerine

All photos of me were taken by Jorge. Edited with VSCO FILM 5.

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