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What I Wore: Pattern on Pattern

Who said you can't pair patterns with other patterns?! As long as you know how to do it, you should be fine! After all, fashion is FUN and it's really nice to play around with a bunch of patterns and materials.

When Jorge and I drove out to Haines Junction for our spontaneous Adventure Date, I decided to dress "summery" and I ended up pairing plaid with my floral romper!

During the entire drive, which was 1.5 hours, I had the plaid shirt tied around my waist. It was really hot in the van so I was really glad I decided to wear my romper. As you can see, the pairing of the plaid and floral patterns isn't too obnoxious because the pattern on my romper is really small and it doesn't look very busy compared to the bigger pattern on my plaid shirt. I knew that it was going to feel a little colder once we reached Haines, so it was really nice to have that extra shirt because it kept me feeling toasty while we walked around the shore.

I wore my bikini underneath the romper with the hopes of going in for a swim, but unfortunately, the water's way too cold even for a short dip. -_- I miss the beach!

I know the romper is way too short! That's why I brought the plaid shirt with me! When we were out in a more public area, I had it tied around my waist so it can cover up my butt and legs a little better. Then, when we reached Kathleen Lake, we were the only ones there so it was okay to show off my legs, also because it was more important for me to feel warm so I wore it like a jacket. <3


ROMPER: Forever 21

PLAID SHIRT: George (Walmart)

HAT: Walmart


BIKINI: George (Walmart)

P.S. : it's hard to have nice branded clothes here. haha. Most of my stuff are from Walmart and Superstore if they're not from Forever 21!