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What's In My Travel Bag | Cottonelle Clean Care Box

Summer is in full swing, and that means that a lot of people are trying to get some time off to travel! I love the summer season because to me, it means: a trip to the closest beach, or a road trip to a neighbor city or state; and I love both equally! Jorge and I are actually going on a road trip this August and I'm so excited! Can't wait to let you guys know where we're going! In the meantime, I'm going to show you what I usually pack on my travels, c/o Target's Cottonelle Clean Care Box! #CottonelleCleanCareBox #Target #CleanRipple

Besides the usual bath towel, clothing, and books, here are my travel essentials:

•  Cottonelle® Clean Care Bath Tissue - A toilet paper or  bath tissue is a must-have in my travel bag because I like to be prepared! You can never tell when you'll need to do an emergency bathroom visit for number 2, and realize that the bathroom stall has no toilet paper! "Better safe than sorry" is my motto when it comes to packing. 😂

 I love this bath tissue because it feels heavy duty! It's unscented, and designed to clean better because of its CleanRipple® texture! The only thing I don't like about this is that it sheds a lot, but I'm willing to overlook that tiny detail because it's a great bath tissue! #CleanRipple

The Bathery® Delicate Bath Sponge - I've been using a bath sponge for years, so traveling without one is very weird for me. This "loofa" is very soft and it's definitely not like every other bath sponges you see in the market because it soothing to the skin. And I love that it's white because, aesthetic. 

Cottonelle® Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths - Going back to being prepared, traveling without wipes is like going to battle without a gun. Seriously! Cottonelle's cleansing cloths will give that extra cleaning power that toilet papers just can't provide! These cloths dry very quick and smells like green apples! This stuff gets two thumbs up from me! 👍🏻  👍🏻

Kleenex® Facial Tissue - This is a no-brainer! This is a great item to carry for that extra clean feeling and freshness. 

*NEW* Kleenex® Facial Cleansing Wipes - I sometimes fret packing for trips because it means having to bring bottles and bottles of skin care products! I'm not all about that life because as much as possible, I want to travel light, so thank God for these new facial cleansing wipes, I don't have to pack my coconut oil, cotton pads, cleansers, and etc. anymore.

This product combines multi-layered, textured fabric and a gentle cleanser, to give a fresh and clean face in just one step, and I'm very impressed with this product! The moistened tissue is very durable, and extremely gentle on the skin. I didn't experience stinging around the eyes and it didn't dry out my skin. This will be available at at the end of July so be on the lookout! 

Skinfix® Lip Repair Balm - Can't leave for a trip without making sure that the lips will be well taken care of, well at least for me, that's the case! This lip repair balm is a great traveling companion! It's super small so it's easy to just pop inside the purse or your pocket for emergency lip treatments! It's lightweight, has an extremely hydrating formula with 40% coconut oil, which almost immediately gets rid of the dryness of the lips! This has a nasty smell though, but after applying on the lips, you won''t be able to smell it anymore.

Skinfix® Ultra Rich Hand Cream - My hands tend to get really dry whenever I travel, so I make sure that I pack a moisturizer of some sort. Skinfix's award-winning hand cream is clinically proven to treat dry, and cracked skin on hands! My favorite thing about this hand cream? It smells like cucumber! I wish I had this hand cream back when I was still living in Canada. 

You also get coupons in the box!

You also get coupons in the box!

Yey for more discounts!!!

Yey for more discounts!!!

Friends, because Cottonelle and Target love you, you can get this CLEAN CARE BOX for just $5 + free shipping! Yes, you read that correctly! $5!!! #CottonelleCleanCareBox

*EDIT* THIS BOX IS SOLD OUT ALREADY! 😔 This makes me really sad.
However, you are still able to purchase the products I mentioned individually. Be sure to check your Target Cartwheel App for coupons and discounts! 

I filmed an unboxing video for you guys as well, so please check it out if you want: