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What's In Our Diaper Bag

This post is sponsored by Himalayan Water but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Nowadays, the one thing I cannot leave the house without is the diaper bag.

It literally holds EVERYTHING we could possibly need in a day, that when we forget it (which we’ve actually done already haha), we’re doomed. So before leaving home, I make sure to pack all the essentials in the diaper bag, and remember to pick up the said bag before heading out the door.

Today, I will be spilling all the guts out of our heavy diaper bag to show you what we pack with us every single day. #FindYourBalance

  • Himalayan Water - as a “breastfeeding” mom, it’s very important for me to stay hydrated, and water is the best liquid to drink not just for moms, but for everybody! My go-to water lately has been Himalayan Water because its water journeys for 20 years through the mountains, through an underground aquifer, followed by a layer of clay and then rests in a confined aquifer 400 feet below ground. The water is naturally filtered and doesn't see the light of day until it is bottled at the source, at the base of the Himalayas! Isn’t that crazy?! Because of this unique process, the water’s pH level is naturally balanced making it the best choice of water for me!

Also, look at how pretty the bottle is?! It’s so aesthetically pleasing that it fits perfectly in my Instagram feed. And did you notice the little mountain inside the bottle? I love little details like that!

  • Baby Clothes - with babies, you never know what’s going to happen so it’s best to be prepared! Throw up? Blowout? No biggie because with the 3 onesies I pack each time, I know my baby won’t come home naked.

  • Towel - my baby is at a stage where drooling is fun, and there’s lots of it too, so having a towel on hand is key if I want to keep her cute outfit dry!

  • Muslin Blanket - one of the most important thing in the bag for sure because it’s multi-functional! I use it as an actual blanket, a burp cloth, a bottle holder (haha), an extra towel, a nursing cover, and a carseat cover. I usually pack 3 with us.

  • Mitts & Socks - now that the colder months are upon us, I like to pack extras just in case she loses a sock, or her mittens get too wet. I’d like to keep her hands and feet warm and covered as much as possible.

  • Baby Wipes - must-have! Cleans literally everything! I pack two sometimes. Is that too much?

  • Diapers - a diaper bag ain’t complete without actual diapers. Haha. Is it excessive to pack 6-7 at a time? You never know right?!

  • Changing Mat - some days, you just won’t be able to find a bathroom with changing tables so it’s nice to have a changing mat in the bag at all times! With it, I’m able to change my daughter’s diaper pretty much anywhere there’s a flat surface.

  • Milk & Bottles - food and food container! Since I don’t actually breast feed my daughter (note the quotation marks in my first bullet point), I make sure I pack pumped milk and clean bottles all the time! My milk supply has been fluctuating and I don’t always produce enough so I always remember to pack back-up formula as well. I will elaborate on this subject in a later blog post.

  • Ring Sling - this is absolutely optional, but I do pack my ring sling when I do remember it. It’s a really great way to carry my baby around without actually carrying her. It frees my arms and hands, making it possible for me to do other thing while keeping my baby close.

To my fellow mamas, what do you carry in your diaper bag?
Is there something I missed? Do I overpack? Let me know your bag’s weight! :)