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Where I Get My Prescription Glasses

I am slowly building my eyeglass collection, and since the day I got my eyes checked in Colombia over a year ago, I now have three!

My first pair of prescription eyeglasses, I got the day I had my eyes checked. The next two pairs, I got from! I reviewed my first Glassesshop pair here on the blog a long time ago, and now, that pair has a sister! I didn't realize how similar they were until I put them side by side! I guess that goes to show that my taste is pretty consistent! 

Glasses Shop - Prescription Glasses




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r e l i a b l e - Prescription Eyeglasses

Their frames are well-made, but they're not the best out there if you want to compare the quality with some of the leading online eyeglasses stores online - just my honest opinion. Although, based off my first pair, which I got over almost one year ago, I can say that they're pretty durable! My Beatrice Wayfarer still looks brand new, and I wore it all the time! 

Now, I am sporting their new Wind Aviator in the Tortoise style, and I always get compliments whenever I wear them! It sits better on my nose compared to my Beatrice one, and I think its shape compliments my face more. I don't know, but I think they look really good on me, if I do say so myself! - Prescription Glasses - Prescription Glasses

If you are thinking of getting a new pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses, be sure to check out GLASSESSHOP.COM! They have a ton to choose from, and their styles are so fashionable! I'm sure you'll find a pair you'll absolutely love! You even have the option of picking out the kind of lenses you need/want! I got the one that's "for computer", since I stare at a computer screen 90% of my work time! 

I'm so excited to let you know that I partnered up with them again, to give you guys 50% off (woah that's a huge discount) on your first pair of glasses with FREE lenses! - Prescription Glasses

Use the code "GSHOT50" at checkout to get 50% off!

Do you wear prescription eyeglasses too or do you wear them just for fashion? Don't worry, they got "fashion" lenses too!

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