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First Makeup Video of 2016 and YouTube Updates!

Yipee! I'm officially back! In case you didn't already know, my sisters surprised me with a legit ring light! It was a late Christmas present and I was so shocked when I saw the huge box Jorge hauled inside our room. I knew my sisters got me something for Christmas, but I didn't know that they bought me a Prismatic Halo Ring Light. It's huge, it's bright and it really is perfect for what I need to keep making YouTube videos. I feel #legitness!

Anyway, this ring light is debuted on this video I just posted and you can really tell how much of a great difference good lighting makes in a video. Again, thank you very much my amazing sisters! It's the best gift I've received in a while and I will make sure I will use the crap out of it! 

For my first video of 2016, I used ColourPop's Where The Night Is Quad and the Aquarius Lippie colour. If you want to see swatches of the whole collection click here. I uploaded this video this past Saturday. If you aren't subscribed yet, please do so you can get notified every time I post a new video!
This is a long video so I suggest that you grab a snack while you watch it, or do your makeup at the same time as me! Let's get ready together! :) I hope you guys enjoy watching me do my makeup and please give the video a thumbs up if you did! Also, don't forget to subscribe! 

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for the complete list of all the products I used in the video, watch the video on YouTube and it will be listed down in the description bar. 

So I've decided to film every Thursdays, and get the video up by Monday for MakeupMonday, or on a different day if the video isn't about makeup/beauty. My channel will not be focused on makeup alone. I will also try to do DIYs, some fashion videos, travel vlogs and hopefully, some song covers as well. I miss singing!

So, if you have any requests for future videos, please let me know. It would really help me a lot to create the videos you are interested in! :)

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