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Why My Husband is the Best | 01

Why My Husband is the Best

Two days ago, Jorge and I celebrated our 4th month of being married and I thought I'd start this mini blog post series talking about how awesome he is. I'm just so happy and grateful to the fact that I'm married to an amazing human being and I want to celebrate that through this blog series that I will name, The WHB Series. (Why my Husband is the Best Series) 



My husband is the best not just because he's such a gentleman, as shown in the cover photo of this blog. Also, not just because he changed my shoes on our wedding day because my feet were killing me:

It's also not just because of his naturally handsome face and sexy bod. Nope! I'm so blessed though, for those reasons alone, but there's more to him than his physical attributes. <3

I mean, look at that face!

I mean, look at that face!

He's the best for so many reasons that it's impossible to enumerate all his good qualities in one blog post. So today, I'll just give you three big reasons why he is the best husband in the world! (in no particular order)

1. He has such a good heart 

I've never met a guy who has such a good and genuine heart as Jorge has. I've been surrounded by all sorts of people, both the good and the bad, and I know when a guy is BAD NEWS; but Jorge, man he's a different story. His heart reflects his actions and at times, when he could have reacted in a bad and rude way, he remained good and kind. He's not like most people, and I can proudly say that I'm married to one of the best kind on this planet. He has proved his goodness to me so many times already, especially on the bad times and he just blows me away like, "Wow! I'm married to this guy! I'm so blessed!" The best part of his good heart? He makes me want to be a better person too.

2. He is very understanding

I admit, I'm not the best wife! I don't cook regularly, I don't prepare Jorge breakfast every morning, I get so cranky when I'm tired, and I'm always tired! -_- I raise my voice when I get irritated, I don't want to be touched sometimes, like even the slightest poke gets me mad like "seriously bruh?! don't touch me!" I am the laziest wife like I always ask Jorge to do something for me: make me coffee, make me a sandwich, fold the laundry, wash the dishes, buy me Tim Hortons chocolate latte, buy me Starbucks coffee, buy me a Snickers mocha, massage my back, crack my back, get my phone charger, get my laptop charger, will you write this for me, will you print that for me, take me to work, pick me up from work, kiss me, hug me; all that kind of stuff but you know what, HE STILL LOVES ME! He understands me, and he understands my needs (and wants, hehe) and that's one major thing I'm very thankful for! One day, I actually told him that I sometimes feel so incapable because I have him around. It's such a lame excuse for being lazy, HAHA, and it's not a good image of me, but I'm just really glad he's up to my whims and nasty mood swings all the time. He's so understanding and I love that about him!

3. Of course, if he's understanding, He's very patient as well

I admit, I can be the worst wife ever! Why? Because I'm so impatient. I don't like to be asked questions and I sometimes answer in a very pissed off manner and honestly, I don't like that about me. I answer Jorge in that way sometimes and I'm glad he hasn't punched me in the face yet. *see number 1, that's why hehe* Seriously though, he's so patient! He is so calm and patient about everything and I really like that about him. Also, he always waits for me! He should win Best Waiter Award. *harhar* Since he can't work here in Canada, he has nothing to do to keep him busy. So what does he do? He waits! He waits for me until it's time for him to go see me at my work, and wait for me again until I get off. He waits for me when I'm reading something online, he waits for me when I'm watching my Vampire Diaries show, he waits for me when I'm writing a blog post such as this one, he waits for me when I edit photos, he waits for me when I'm in the shower, he waits for me until I get in the mood (because I'm a cranky old woman inside), and he waits, just because he is such a patient soul. 

Getting married to Jorge was one of the best things that has ever happened to my life. I'm so thankful to God for his life, and I'm very grateful for his love. I am truly blessed by his heart and I am genuinely happy with the fact that I'm married to the BEST HUSBAND in the world.

Jorge, mi amor, I love you so much and I promise to never take advantage of your goodness, your understanding and your patience, not just towards me, but also towards my family and the people around you. I want you to know that I appreciate your existence very much and I feel very blessed to have you in my life.

I love you, always. - CS