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Why My Husband is the Best | 02

It's February 24th, and that means Jorge and I celebrate 7 months of being a married couple! YEY!! It's crazy how time flies! It feels like it was only yesterday that we were at Miles Canyon, making this "couple thing" official. So glad we did, by the way.

Anyway, on today's Why My Husband is the Best series, I want to talk to you about the things I've learned since getting married to my amazing husband, and the keyword of today's topic is: TRY.


I'm not an expert on marriages but I've seen some marriages fall apart because one or the other stopped trying to make things work. It's easy to get married, yeah, but the real challenge is how to keep it being a 'happily ever after'. 

Before Jorge and I got married, we were in a long distance relationship and we really hated that arrangement. It was very difficult to be so far away from him and when the time came that we decided to never experience our dreadful distance again, we've never felt so happy!

1. One thing I've learned about being married is that just because we're now a married couple doesn't mean things will be easier. Yes, it does feel a lot better having my husband in the same room as me all the time now but that doesn't mean we don't face difficulties anymore. We sure do argue sometimes and not talk to each other for awhile but it doesn't stay that way too long because one of us always TRIES to patch things up. We always TRY to fix our messes before they get worse and we TRY really hard to keep things good between us. (Jorge is the better "TRY-er" by the way, if you know what I mean. ;p)

2. Our keyword 'trying' is not only limited to arguments and petty quarrels. I love how Jorge always tries to keep our tiny space neat and clean because he knows it makes me happy. I love how he always tries to make things easier for me when it comes to cooking, cleaning, etc. He always asks me what I need, what he needs to do for me and other stuff like that. I really appreciate the fact that my husband is very caring and thoughtful and that he NEVER stops trying, because he loves me.

3. Finally: always trying is the same as not giving up. There is no perfect relationship, there are only great ones, and I think that one of the most important aspects of successful relationships is TRYING, always trying to make things work. I realized that later on, after all the trials, after all that has been said and done, no one will even notice the "trying" part because it does get easier, it does get better. And now, I'm speaking from experience here; nothing compares to the feeling of security you get from a person who loves you so much that you just know he's never going to stop trying, because he's never going to give up on you. That's my Jorge right there. <3

xx Corinth