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Explore With Corinth: Winter Wonderland

I'm a Filipina. I came from a country where 25ºC is considered "cold" and I honestly wish I could have stayed there. I have low tolerance for the cold and right now, I am forced to endure freezing temperatures because I can't afford to move elsewhere! I live in Whitehorse, Canada and guess how cold it gets in this place: -40ºC! That's insane, but it won't stop Jorge and I from exploring this city. 

This past Thursday, Jorge picked me up from work and we decided to drive down Chadburne Lake Road to take some pictures because we've both been wanting to go exploring. Me getting off at 3 that day was perfect for a quick drive because it gets dark so fast here! Sunset is at 4PM and it actually starts getting dark around 3:30. Chadburne Lake Road leads to a bunch of lakes so we decided to drive down there; also because it was the closest "exploration" spot.

It was freezing that day but Jorge and I still managed to take nice winter pictures. Some of my Instagram followers "envy" my winter photos; if only they knew how painful it is to be living in Winter Wonderland. 

all photos were taken with my iPhone 5s // edited on VSCOcam 

When Jorge and I went to this place this past Thursday, it was only around -15ºC but it was already unbearably cold! It's only going to get colder from now on and it's going to make it harder for us to go exploring. HUHU. I wish we lived in a warmer country.

I seriously can't wait to move to...... :)