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I Took Photos with a Cherry Blossom Tree and it was Magical

It’s cherry blossom season here in the Washington, DC area and people are Rushing to see them.

It’s an annual thing for most people who live around here, and to people from other states, to visit the Tidal Basin in DC to witness and take photos of the spectacular display of sakuras. Not only do people go crazy about them, the crowd is even crazy-er! Because you pretty much only get one week to see them in their full glory, it gets extremely packed and crowded there. Parking in DC is already hard enough without these trees, imagine the horror of trying to park there now.

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Thrift Store Diaries - Snake Skin Prada Mules

Whew! It’s been a while since I feature my thrift store finds on here but that’s because I haven’t really been going shopping!

All our dollars go to Adeline so Jorge and I don’t really buy stuff for ourselves. But when we do have some extra, I make sure to stop by the Salvation Army store near our apartment. A couple weeks ago, I walked home from Adeline’s doctor’s appointment and decided to stop by the thrift store. And guess what I found! I’m sure you already know because of the title of this post, but I got myself Prada shoes!!! I asked my friend, my sister, and Jorge to double check whether they were real and we’ve concluded that they (probably) are real and that just made me really happy!


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