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Where To Eat in Miami - #ExploreMiami Part 1

Not sure how much money we’ve spent on food in the past month or so, but I’m pretty sure it was A LOT. But hey, we’re still in slight “vacation mode” and I honestly don’t know when it’s going to stop feeling that way, but with that said, we have tried so many restaurants, so many types of different food that I think it was time for me to write a round-up of restaurants, coffee shops, and dessert spots to check out in Miami. I also shared some recommendations on what to order so you can skip guessing on what’s good.

I didn’t include ALL the places we visited. I’m only sharing places I recommend. I hope that you find this post helpful!

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Enjoy a 3-Course Meal for Two for only $49 at Bonefish Grill

Since having a baby, date nights are not a common thing for my husband and I anymore.

Sure, we have eaten out a lot as a family, but a date night? That’s a different story. When Bonefish Grill reached out to me to feature their OMG special, I said, “OMG, this sounds great! Let’s do it!” Since my husband and I haven’t had a date night just the two of us in the longest time, I thought dinner at this restaurant was the perfect opportunity!

Read to the end for a giveaway!

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Make Snack Time Fun Again with This Easy Yogurt Popsicle Recipe

I’ve never been a snacker. I’ve always been a big eater, which is so NOT what I want to be this year.

This 2019, one of my goals is to make more conscious food choices! Instead of making two pieces of toast for breakfast, I go for one. Instead of helping myself to a second serving of my favorite Filipino dish, I take my plate to the sink. Instead of sipping on some addicting ice cold cola, I drink water. Instead of snacking on dangerously yummy chocolate chip cookies, I indulge on my guilt-free tasty yogurt popsicles! You see where I’m going with this?

Today, I will be sharing with you how I make my rich and creamy yogurt popsicles! I had so much fun doing this, and they turned out so delicious! PS: They’re so easy to make! If you want to get in on the fun, keep reading! #IndulgeWithOikos

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Creamy Beet Salad Recipe

Ever since moving into our new apartment, I’ve been making food on a regular basis!

This is a really good thing because not only do we save A LOT of money from eating out, we are eating better because we’re actually eating real food. NO MORE IHOP IN THIS HOUSE! Haha.

One of the dishes I’ve been making is this super easy creamy beet salad. I got the recipe from my mom-in-law. She made this for dinner back when we lived at her house and I’ve been obsessed ever since so I asked her how to make it! It’s soooo freaking yummy and it ends up color pink! YEY!!

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Easy Cream Cheese and Jam Toast for Breakfast

If you didn’t already know, for me, BREAKFAST FOOD IS LIFE!

If I can eat breakfast food all day, I would do it! I think it ties in with my obsession with coffee because coffee is THE breakfast drink in my book. Well today, I will be sharing the go-to breakfast dish that I’ve been doing since moving into our new place. This is a dupe recipe of the sweet open-faced toast from the cafe near our home. I was like, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH BUT I’M TOO BROKE TO ALWAYS COME HERE FOR THIS DISH SO HOW DO I MAKE IT MYSELF?!!

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Say Goodbye to Boring Snacks this Summer with My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream

If you're a regular reader here on Explore with Corinth then this snack is no surprise to you.

I've featured these super cute and yummy ice cream snacks twice before, making this the third time I share my love for them here on the blog. If you are new here, then let me be the first one to tell you: now's the time to say goodbye to boring snacks this summer with My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream!


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