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2014 Highlight

I don't know about you but I can honestly say that the year 2014 was MY YEAR! It's kinda sad to say that the year is finally coming to an end but hey, 2015 is sneaking up on us and I know it's gonna be a better year for all of us!

This past year was full of drastic changes, fun adventures and some crazy love! My sisters and I were able to move into our new home, I was able to travel and visit Toronto, I got engaged on my birthday, I got married to the most amazing man at one of the prettiest places in the Yukon and so much more! I'll take you back to the most memorable moments of my 2014 and all these, I am grateful to our Lord God!

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Carcross Vlog [VIDEO]

A week ago from today, Jorge and I drove the family van to Carcross for a short winter exploration date! Jorge and I have been craving to go out so when the opportunity came up, we grabbed it!

It was a short exploration day for us since the sun rises late and sets really early here in the north but we made sure we made the best out of our sunlight! We were blessed with good weather conditions that day! It wasn't ridiculously cold, and the wind was surprisingly absent that day. The sun peeked through the clouds, pouring its golden glory on God's majestic mountains. God made sure we had the drive of our life! <3

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PASKO | The Christmas I Miss

If you ask any Filipino, I'm sure we'll all agree about this; a Filipino Christmas is like no other! Christmas is in 10 days and I still feel like it's not near at all. I'll be celebrating Christmas in Canada for the third time now this year and I feel like it has gotten sadder and sadder each year. I don't know if it's just me, or Whitehorse has become so boring to me, but maybe, I just really miss my home country. We may not have a white christmas in the Philippines but I can definitely say that our Christmas is the best!

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Explore With Corinth: Winter Wonderland

I'm a Filipina. I came from a country where 25ºC is considered "cold" and I honestly wish I could have stayed there. I have low tolerance for the cold and right now, I am forced to endure freezing temperatures because I can't afford to move elsewhere! I live in Whitehorse, Canada and guess how cold it gets in this place: -40ºC! That's insane, but it won't stop Jorge and I from exploring this city. 

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What I Wore: My Recent JustFab Haul

Let me introduce you ladies to JustFab! JustFab Inc. is all sorts of awesome. It's my favorite online shoe and bag shop because they have all kinds of styles that work for any kind of personality; from cute girly to sophisticated, from casual to formal, from ragged to clean, they've got us covered! To read more about this amazing company, click here, or simply visit

I've already mentioned that JustFab is my favorite online shoe and bag shop. I have so many pairs of shoes from them; more or less 15 pairs! I also have 4 purses from Justfab that are very high-end looking. They're very affordable and they ship in one week which makes them more awesome than they already are. I also get a lot of compliments on my JustFab items so I suggest that you check them out!

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