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What I Got For Christmas | 2015

I've never done a post like this one before and I thought it would be nice to do one because I've been seeing YouTubers posting videos on what they got for Christmas. The stuff I got will never be as extravagant as what those YouTubers received but I'm still really happy to show you guys the gifts I got this year! 

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Takhini Hot Pools

Let's go back to the Yukon on this post shall we?

I lived in the Yukon for 3 years and 7 months but it's only in my third year of living there that I was able to visit the infamous Takhini Hot Springs. It's approximately a 30-45 minute drive from the city center, which is Whitehorse, and it's a great place to go relax and unwind. 

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Montreal | PART 3

We're almost coming to an end with my #CorinthGoesToMontreal series! CLICK HERE IF YOU MISSED PART ONE AND TWO.

  • DAY 6 - Tuesday was my last free day to explore freely so I really made the most out of it. I roamed around the downtown area for a bit and I went to see an art museum, which was absolutely free of charge! I tried to find and explore the Underground City that day (I also tried some days ago),  but I failed miserably. I killed my feet trying to do that so just I decided to go back to Mont-Royal to crush on more houses because the last time I went, darkness fell upon me quickly. After I took a bunch of #houseportraits, I ended up going to this coffee shop called Café Venosa which is a vegan coffee joint and they have cats inside! You read that right. CATS IN A COFFEE SHOP! I was so happy! 😻 The almond milk mocha I had was pretty good too. 
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Benefit Porefessional VS NYX Pore Filler

Are you one of those ladies who feel so happy when you discover a dupe for a great BUT super expensive high end product? That's me too!

Back when I was in Canada, I saw Benefit's Porefessional floating around the YouTube world and I gave into the hype. Did I find it awesome? Yes. I think it's a really great product for its purpose, but is it worthy of its price point? I don't think so. I tried to find an alternative for it because I didn't want to keep spending $31 for a primer (and it's even more expensive in Whitehorse), but I had no luck. I settled for Maybelline's Baby Skin but I don't think it fills in my pores as well as the Porefessional does. So, my hunt continued when I moved to the US. Last month, I picked up NYX's Pore Filler and guess what, I think I found my DUPE! 

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DIY: Pinecone Garland + Photo Display

When I went inside Michael's, I was greeted by the lovely smell of scented pinecones and my mother-in-law pointed out that they were on sale! So of course, I got myself a bag and boy was I so excited to do a DIY on them!

I knew that I wanted to make a garland out of them but I wasn't sure how so I just went along with my gut. It was actually harder than I thought when I first started doing it but after a few trial and errors, I learned how to make them slightly easier!

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Montreal | PART 2

Let's continue on my Montreal adventure shall we? CLICK ME IF YOU MISSED PART 1.

  • DAY 3 - On my third day, I woke up very late and I decided I would just have a slow day and go see a movie. I went to the closest movie theater from the apartment. I bought a ticket for The Martian but the show didn't start until after an hour and 3o mins so I went to Mc Donald's to wait and go for a bathroom break. So I go inside the cubicle, set my phone on top of the toilet paper holder and then.... CRASH! My phone screen was smashed into pieces and I cried! I felt so helpless and I was alone so you can just imagine my grief! Thank God for Google, I was able to find a convenience store nearby and I bought tape to hold the remaining pieces of my phone screen in place (thanks Jorge for the tip!). I was so mad at myself for being so careless. Then I went and saw the movie and I realized that my smashed iPhone 5s screen was nothing compared to Matt Damon's dilemma. PERSPECTIVE!
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Montreal | PART 1

I can't believe I waited for almost two months to get this post up! I am extremely ashamed of myself but here it is nonetheless. I will be cutting up my Montreal blog posts into three parts and I will also be posting a Montreal Vlog as the last post of my #CorinthGoesToMontreal Series. This will be a photo diary sort of post because I don't want to bore you with details of the trip so I'll just let the photos speak for themselves. 

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How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

I've had a video filmed for you guys a long time ago but I just "never had the time" to finish editing it because I didn't want to do a voice over! I know, excuses!!! Well the other night, my sister Micah requested a video on how I clean my makeup brushes and I thought: well screw my excuses! I finally finished editing the video. I still didn't do a voice over so I will be writing a more in depth tutorial on how I clean my brushes here. But if you want to go ahead and watch the video, head on over at the end of this post! 

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DIY: Cute and Minimal Christmas Tree Ornaments

Before we dive into the tutorial, I just want to let you guys know that I didn't come up with this idea originally! I've already seen this DIY before which was done by Kenna and I thought that it was absolutely cute! But when I found the little birch tree slabs she used for her tutorials at Michaels, I thought they were too expensive! So, Jorge and I did more looking around the store and eventually found a really cheap alternative! Everything you'll need for this DIY can be found in a craft store! Just go to the one nearest you!

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October and November Favorites

I apologize in advance if this post is not in VIDEO form. I still haven't really figured out how I'm going to film in my new space. I still need a few things to make my filming/beauty space presentable on camera so please bear with me. I have a few videos coming up soon and I promise, as soon as my little filming corner is ready, I will keep the videos coming.

For now, you'll have to read! 😂 

I wasn't able to talk to you about my October favorites since these past two months kept me really busy (traveling + moving), so I'll be combining the things that I've been loving in October and November on today's post. Sorry, it's going to be quite long. 😭✌

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