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Where To Find Affordable Teddy Jackets

I’m sure you’ve seen these teddy jackets left and right and we’re not hating it! I love this trend!

I don’t want this trend to ever go away because it truly is very cozy and cute! I only have one right now, but I do plan on purchasing maybe two more in different colors. The one I have I got from Uniqlo and I honestly wish I got a larger size because I love an oversized fit. Anywho, I’m here to share with you a few stores where you can find these teddy jackets for an affordable price!

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DIY Holiday Cards

Now that Jorge and I are parents, the more I think about more family things to do.

The holidays are right around the corner and the question of whether we’re going to get our holiday photo cards done professionally has popped in my head. First off, do we hire a photographer or do we do it ourselves? Then do we go through a professional service to get our photos printed? How much will all of these things cost?

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My Top 5 Mascaras

I am a mascara junkie! The more coats the better. The chunkier my lashes look, the better! The clumpier it GETS, THE BETTER!

That’s the type of mascara user I am! 3 coats is the minimum! Haha. I know, that’s pretty excessive, but I hate when I do my mascara and the result that I get are malnourished lashes, do you know what I mean? If you are a “natural” mascara gal, this post isn’t for you. BUT, if you are curious about the mascaras I use that give me that falsie-looking vibe then keep reading!

PS: I’m bringing back MAKEUP MONDAY! I figured it would be nice for all of you to know what you’re gonna get on a Monday.

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Adeline's First Trimester

I cannot believe that I will love motherhood as much as I do! It almost feels like this is my calling. Anyway, this post isn’t about me or my feelings. Today, I wanted to share with you the first three months of Adeline’s life!

She almost 5 months, and it still feels just like yesterday when I pushed her out into this crazy world. Her first three months flew by so quickly, and honestly, most of it is a blur! It’s just a mix of days where I am constantly checking diapers, feeding her milk, and constantly cuddling her — the most fulfilling 3 months of my life yet.

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How To Glow This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and that means that there will be parties left and right! Thanksgiving was just the beginning and I’m sure once December hits, there’s no stopping the overflow of fun, food, friends, and family!

Today, I want to share with you a product that I think will make you literally stand out among the crowd! ✨

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Thrift Store Diaries - Falling for Corduroy

When I saw Emily V post about corduroy on her Instagram, I knew I had to get something corduroy for myself. I think that it’s such a staple and timeless piece of fabric in anyone’s wardrobe.

A few weeks ago, my husband took me to Unique for a quick thrift shopping spree and I was able to snag this awesome jacket from Aeropostale for less than $10! It’s in a beautiful beige tan color and it’s lined with faux fur which I think is so perfect for layering this cold season!

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Thrift Store Diaries - Super Oversized Sweater

I think right now, I just have to accept the fact that I AM THICK.

Even Jorge tells me this. He likes it I guess, but I don’t! As a blogger, I literally have no new clothes to wear because all my other clothes just look ugly on me! And because we are new parents, shopping just isn’t in the cards for us, so whenever I do want to buy clothes, I make sure we hit the thrift shops because I know this postpartum weight is temporary.

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Our First Time at the Pumpkin Patch

I knew that fall was everyone’s favorite season, but I didn’t fully understand how vast people’s love for autumn was until we visited the pumpkin patch this year.

Once October hit, I felt like everyone just turned their wardrobe around, got the cozy knits out, unpacked all the beautifully patterned scarves and socks, and welcomed the yummy crispiness in the air with open arms and pumpkin spice lattes in their hands. This month, fall hit, and it hit hard, and I am so for it!

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How To Use Custom Presets in the Lightroom CC Mobile App


Everyone is coming out with their own presets and if you’re not new here, you’d know that I’m one of those people haha. If you are an Instagram addict like me, you probably have a few custom presets of your own, or presets you have bought from your favorite influencers. But aren’t you sick and tired of doing the copy+paste method?! I feel you boo! Haha.

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Why I'm Not Breastfeeding

The first few weeks — heck the first two months after giving birth to Adeline were so hard for me.

Like I said in one of my Instagram posts, I didn’t really give postpartum recovery some thought, so I didn’t expect all the pain that I felt. I actually still feel the pain now because my wound didn’t close up (yeah, I know huhu), but that’s a post for another day.

Today, I want to talk to you about why I am not “breastfeeding” Adeline. There will be no tips and tricks here. Just my thoughts, and my feelings about the whole thing.

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Enjoy A Spa Night at Home with Burt's Bees®

Now that I’m a mom, time for myself has been very scarce and sometimes almost impossible.

I know that self care is extremely important, but most of the time, my baby needs the care more than I do! Like, a relaxing spa sounds extremely nice, but I can’t even shower regularly anymore even if I wanted to, so how’s that “me time” going to be possible? Well, it is, and today, I’m sharing how I’m able to have spa night at home with Burt’s Bees®!

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