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5 Reasons Why You'll Like Traveling Alone

I really think that traveling is important and is good for the soul and that we should travel more often. Even though if it means traveling to a different city in your own country, that's totally good! You don't have to fly out of the country to be able to consider it "traveling". HAHA. Traveling means going from one place to another, whether by foot, by bicycle, by car, by boat or by plane; you get the picture. Traveling is to see, to feel and to be! 

In traveling comes a little bit of discomfort, because in many ways, it's taking you out of your daily routine, your comfort zone, but that's not always a bad thing. Of course, traveling can be a bit scary too, especially when you have to do it alone. But as I said, traveling is good for the soul and we should all take a break sometimes and just enjoy the luxury of being a traveler, and I think that we should at least once, try to travel alone because not only will it be one heck of a story to tell, it will teach you more about yourself.

 After my recent travel to Vancouver, I discovered 5 reasons why I liked traveling alone and these reasons may inspire and push you to travel solo too!


This has got to be my favorite reason why traveling alone is something we should do once in a while. You'll have complete freedom on your trip. You get to enjoy your travel at your own pace. You don't have to wake up early because everyone else decided it's better to start early in the day. You don't have to wait in line just to take a bath. You get to make your own vanity in the bathroom and you can take your time doing your hair and makeup. You get to shop for however long you want. You alone have a say on where to eat and where to go. You get to play house in your little hotel room. You get to be in your own private little world. In shorter words, YOU ARE THE BOSS of the entire trip and that's something I can really appreciate when traveling. I extremely don't like waiting for people. It gets me cranky.


Traveling alone can really open up your eyes and will change the way you see things. We get to experience how diverse things are in different places and that allows us to have a better perspective on life, in general.

I remember thinking this while I was in Vancouver: There's more to life than Whitehorse. I felt so inspired and more motivated to leave Whitehorse because I've seen and experienced life outside of it, and I saw that it is better. 


A lot of times when you are traveling solo, you will be placed into situations you are not used to experiencing. You will be forced out of your comfort zone and you'll have to deal with things you've never done before. Like that one time I flooded my hotel bathroom (disaster!), I had no help and I had to fix my mess myself. It's a bad memory for sure, but I won't forget the fact that I was able to "fix" it. Also, I didn't care how embarrassing that situation was for me, but I still called for room service and asked for a toilet plunger. HAHA. If Jorge was there with me, I would have had him call them, but nope, I only had me so I had to do it myself. Things like that are so liberating for me, like OMG, I WAS ABLE TO DO THAT! I became too dependent on my husband and being away from him for a little while reminded me that I can still do things on my own without his help.


The thought of traveling alone is scary enough, but actually doing it gives you a sense of power over your fear! Being independent, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, being able to challenge yourself in a foreign place make you realize that you are strong, and that you have the power to overcome anything, despite being alone. This will boost your self-esteem and self-confidence, and having a confident spirit helps you become more successful in life. 


It is important to have time for yourself and traveling alone gives you just that. It is a nice opportunity to enjoy your "me" time. Relax, reflect, do whatever the heck you want. Finally get the haircut you've always wanted, wear the dress you've been so shy to try on, see the places you've always dreamed of going. This is the perfect time to feel comfortable in your own skin! Love yourself and enjoy being your own company.The fact that you are alone in a foreign place gives you the power to do anything and become anything. No one's going to judge you. You are free to just be yourself. 

Obviously, I have not traveled alone enough to be able to write more things on this post, but so far, these are the things that I will look forward to on my next solo trip. Don't get me wrong though, I think I still like traveling with a bunch of people better. The more the merrier, #ikanganila, but traveling alone is like a pill for the soul and I think everyone should experience it at least once in their lives.

Have you traveled solo? If so, what is your favorite part about it?