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Where To Get Affordable and Sustainable Bedding

Who knew that getting into this #cleanliving lifestyle will make me even more conscious about every aspect of our lives, from the food we eat, to the bed we sleep in!

Trying to live a more conscious and “clean” lifestyle has definitely been quite a challenge for me both physically and financially, but it’s a challenge I’m willing to face because I want what’s best for my family! I hope you do too, and lucky for us, this brand that I’m about to talk to you about values sustainability and affordability when it comes to bedding, so we don’t also have to worry about how to get the best (and safest) sleep of our lives.

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So What Is Beautycounter and Why Do I Keep Talking About It?

I’ve spoken about my reasons on why I switched to using only clean beauty products in my past few posts but haven't really shared why I keep talking about Beautycounter.

So if you want to find out everything there is to know about Beautycounter is, keep reading!
⚠️PS: This post will contain a lot of important information so it will be a long post but totally worth reading.

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10 (Non-Toxic) Nail Polish Shades You Need To Wear this Summer

There's a reason why my nurse told me to remove my nail polish when I gave birth to my daughter, and I'm sure you know that reason very well too! IT'S TOXIC!

I don’t remember the last time I wore nail polish on my fingernails for this reason, and honestly, I MISS IT! There’s just something about beautifully painted nails that make me feel good about myself; like I’m a woman who sees the value in taking care of herself! I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. Well, lucky for me and my fellow nailaholics, there are safer options out there and I’m glad more and more brands are getting rid of a number of harmful chemicals from their nail polish formula! Londontown is one of these brands!

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5 Tips on How To Get Started on Switching to Clean Makeup

Switching to using ONLY clean makeup" sounds pretty overwhelming and scary at first, I'm not going to deny that.

It is daunting for sure because it means you’re gonna have to commit and make sacrifices along the way . The road to #cleanbeauty is a tough one, but it’s actually not as hard as we think. I’ve been using ONLY clean makeup for two months now and so far, everything’s going well. I haven’t gone crazy (yet), considering that I am a makeup junkie. Today I’m going to share some tips on how to get started on making the switch!

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Best Place To Buy Baby Toys and Baby Gear

To my fellow parents, I’m sure you’ve asked this question more than once already: “WHAT NOW?!”

I sure am guilty of this. Every month, my daughter Adeline changes on me. She learns so fast and outgrows her stuff way too quickly and my husband and I always find ourselves asking a lot of questions! What do we buy next? When should we buy this? Will she enjoy this at this age? What types of toys will help her development? What baby gear should we be saving up for? You catch my drift!

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Super Moms

How many ways can we show appreciation to the moms in our lives?

The answer is: countless! With the internet right under our fingertips, we can easily find thousands of ways on how we can make Mother’s Day extra special to the super moms of our lives. Mother’s Day is just around the corner so today, I’m here to share with you a few things that I know you (if you’re a mama as well) or your mom will love!

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Clean Makeup Products I am Loving Now

Did you know that most makeup products that are out in the market right now carry harmful chemicals that may even cause cancer, infertility, depression, asthma, diabetes, and chronic fatigue among many other things?

My mom and my grandmother passed away because of cancer, a disease that “just happens”, and my dad passed away from this rare disease that we also don’t know what causes it. What if these diseases were just effects of years of constant exposure to these thousands of harmful chemicals that we so conveniently put on our skin and bodies? Isn’t that a scary thought?!

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5 Tips on How To Improve Your Instagram Feed

I’m sure by now everybody knows about Instagram, including you, and I’m pretty sure that you’ve felt the need to improve your Instagram game like I have because Instagram is life. Agree?

I’ve been doing this Instagram thing for a while now and I sure have learned a few tips and tricks along the way. Today, I will be sharing with you some ways on how you can improve your Instagram Feed.

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