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At-Home Date Night with my Honey

Disclaimer, I don't really call my husband "honey", but since it's #NationalHoneyMonth, I thought I'd be a little more endearing than usual!

My husband and I love to celebrate both the little and the big things in life, and we often do so by treating our bellies to good food! Just recently, Jorge was appointed as the Worship Director of our church and that's a huge thing for both of us! We didn't get to celebrate it the day of, so I planned a cute little date night at home to make him feel extra special and loved. #SavorGoldenMoments

Back when Jorge and I used to live in Canada, we did a lot of at-home date nights, but we usually just ordered take out. Ordering out is nice, but it's not quite as special as having a home-cooked meal. To celebrate my husband's new position, I thought I'd make him a meal that I know he would love!

At-Home Date Night with my Honey

the party pack came with recipes!

With the help of the National Honey Board and Camille Styles, I was sent a golden box to help me set the mood for the perfect candle-lit dinner at home. It came with the cutest things to help me set up the night, as well as awesome recipes to make our celebration more golden!

I'm not a great cook, but our meal turned out so good and extremely easy to do! I also learned that honey is such a great addition to any kind of cooking!

I made Caribbean Chicken with Honey Pineapple Sauce and I know, it sounds fancy, but it was actually so easy to make! As someone who is not a fan of food preparation, this recipe was extremely simple and easy to follow! I also made brown rice because I love rice, and because why not?! If you want to see more recipes like this one, feel free to browse here.

For our drink, I decided to make something out of the leftover pineapple juice we had for the chicken. All I did was mix the pineapple juice with a little bit of lime soda and honey, and poured it into a glass filled with crushed ice! It was the perfect complimentary refreshment for our delicious dinner. If you want more ideas on other fun drinks, click here!

Date Night with my Honey-18.jpg

This date night was a huge success, and I am actually excited to plan for the next one.

Now I want to hear your Golden Moment! How do you savor the precious moments in your life? And because it's National Honey Month, I want to know how you incorporate honey in your everyday life! I would love to read all about your stories! And finally, for more fun party ideas, be sure to click here!