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Corinth Explores Columbus - DAY ONE

When LifeinCbus reached out to me to do visit Columbus, Ohio for two sponsored posts, I was beyond excited! First of all, it would be my first paid travel ever, and secondly, it is the perfect opportunity to go see and explore a new city! After contemplating for a couple days, I accepted the gig and I was so glad that they let Jorge tag along with me because a trip to a foreign city would have been difficult and lonely! Our trip to Ohio was Jorge and I's first out-of-town road trip together just the two of us, so we were very excited about it! It was definitely a trip to remember!

When we received the e-mail, Jorge told me that we could actually drive to Ohio since it was only 6 hours away, so we opted for that option instead of riding a plane. We figured that we get to save some money that way. And you know what's crazy?  I accepted this job months in advance and at that time, we didn't have a car yet, and our financial status was kind of rocky, so we basically accepted this job by faith. And how amazing is our God because he gave us a car just weeks before we had to travel to Columbus! 🙌🏻

On August 19th, Jorge and I made our way to Columbus! We left the apartment at 5AM in hopes of arriving Cbus at around 12PM, but it took us 10 hours to get there!

NOTE TO SELF: Never do long drives with 0 amount of sleep!

Jorge and I didn't sleep the night before because we were finishing up some work, so the drive to Cbus was the hardest drive of our lives! We had to make several stops to nap and if you followed my Snapchat story, you know what went down! HAHA. Jorge even told me that he fell asleep on the wheel a couple times, WHICH WAS SO BAD, so guys, never drive when you didn't get enough rest the night before! 

Jorge and I listened to so many songs during the drive and here are a few of our favorites that we had on repeat for I don't know how long haha. Listen to the playlist while you read the post, it will be as if you were with us on our road trip too! :)

Anyway, Jorge and I didn't really expect much of the drive, but God made sure that it would be a memorable one! God blessed us with a beautiful sunrise with lots of fog, and that made our morning so magical! God sure knows how to wake us up. He knew we were struggling so hard to keep our eyes open! HAHA. 

At one  point, right after we entered Pennsylvania, we had to stop at this bridge because it was just irresistibly beautiful. 

So eventually, we got to Columbus, and the first order of business was to pick up an envelope at the Life in Cbus office; it was about 3PM at this point. Thank you again to Experience Cbus for sponsoring this trip! 🙌🏻   

We then had late lunch at Thurman Café because I read that they have really great burgers, and Jorge loves burgers! Naturally, we ended up regretting what we ate but it's a really nice place to have lunch! 

Next on my schedule was to check in at the Renaissance to rest for a little bit, but we actually ended up staying in the rest of the night because the bed was crazy comfortable that we didn't want to get up! We needed rest anyway, so we just ordered pizza for dinner and had it delivered to our hotel room. Jorge booked the hotel and apparently chose the romance package ❤️, so the hotel delivered champagne to our room as well!

We had a great and relaxing night to say the least! This was also the night I saw my face on TV! It was so surreal! HAHA.

That's all I have for today's post. I didn't want to bombard you guys with any more pictures! Part two of my Columbus trip coming soon...