5 Tips on How To Improve Your Instagram Feed

I’m sure by now everybody knows about Instagram, including you, and I’m pretty sure that you’ve felt the need to improve your Instagram game like I have because Instagram is life. Agree?

I’ve been doing this Instagram thing for a while now and I sure have learned a few tips and tricks along the way. Today, I will be sharing with you some ways on how you can improve your Instagram Feed.

How To Improve Your Instagram Feed
How To Improve Your Instagram Feed

    Instagram is a visual platform so it’s a given that one way to improve your Instagram feed is to share great photos. The goal is to get more people to follow you right? They won’t follow you if you post crappy photos, it’s that simple. Taking great photos require practice and a lot of it; not a fancy camera. I know a lot of digital creators that use only their iPhones for their Instagram feed.

    Here are some tips on how you can take better photos:

    • Use natural light as much as possible!
    • Experiment with lights and shadows.
    • If using your phone, use the back camera for better quality pictures.
    • If taking full body shots, take photos at a lower angle to make yourself appear taller.
    • Find lines and use it to your advantage.
    • Our eyes like symmetry so try to incorporate this in your shots.
    • Bokeh isn’t all that. Read up more on composition.
    • Follow people whose photography style you like best. Get inspired.
    Read this.


    This might be a no-brainer for some, but one time, it shocked me when I received a DM asking me why my photos looked so nice. I then said that I edit them in Lightroom, and they said that they never edit their photos! 🤯 I didn’t realize that editing photos still isn’t common knowledge to many! Well friend, I’m telling you now, your photos look great unedited, but they will look 10x better with a little bit of touch-up! It’s amazing how a little bit of brightness and saturation can do to a photo.

    There are hundreds of photo-editing apps out there but a few of my favorites are Lightroom Mobile CC, VSCO, Afterlight 2, and Snapseed. I only use Lightroom now because I use my own filters/presets on my photos.

    When editing your photos, try to develop your own style. Also, have fun with it! If you’d like a more in depth tutorial on how I edit my Instagram photos now, just let me know and I’ll make it happen!

    PS: I created a video on how I edit my photos using VSCO and Snapseed, and how I use the Preview App. Watch here.


    Your feed can make a stranger either hit the “FOLLOW” button or exit your page real quick. Think of your feed as the first impression you’re going to leave a person. If your feed looks messy, they most likely wouldn’t want to see your posts ever again. If your feed looks pleasing to the eye, they would probably hit FOLLOW really fast because they’ll want to see more of what you have! It’s all about that first look, so as much as possible, work on having a cohesive feed.


    • Plan out your content. Use @previewapp or @unum for this.
    • Don’t post similar pictures consecutively. For example, if you posted a selfie yesterday, don’t post another selfie right after it. Two big faces right beside each other don’t exactly make for a nice feed. If you plan out your feed, scatter these posts so your feed looks more balanced. Scroll down to see some examples.
    • Try to keep your edits similar. Most people, including myself, try to stick to using one filter/preset every 9-12 photos. That way when people scroll down your feed, it will look really pleasing to the eye.
    • Follow @previewapp on Instagram and read their blog posts. They share really helpful tips about all things Instagram.


    Make your Instagram feed a reflection of who you are. Nobody has the same exact thoughts as you, nobody has the exact same style as you, nobody else is you, so use your uniqueness to your advantage. Once people truly see and understand who you are and what you carry, the more they will feel inclined to be a follower or even a friend! I promise you, this will help make your feed better too! An Instagram page that has an authentic and engaging audience is a great Instagram page to be at.


    I cannot stress this enough but Marie Kondo your follow list. Unfollow people/pages that don’t spark joy and inspiration and start following like-minded people. This will not only push your creative limits, this will also encourage you to do better in every aspect of your life. I don’t know about you, but when I see people hustling, I feel more inspired to do the same hustle as well. And you can definitely apply this to your Instagram feed. Not that we’re supposed to just copy what everyone else is doing, but this practice helps us stay in the loop of what “looks good” or “what’s in”. Also, this may even push you to try new things! Do you know what I mean? Don’t wait for inspiration to fall on your lap, FOLLOW IT!

Different themes/looks that I did with my Instagram feed.
Which one is your favorite? My favorite is my Miami feed. 🌴

I hope that you found this post helpful and if you did, please please please

What else would you like to know about the Instagram life? Also, let me know who your favorite Instagrammers are!