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Gift Ideas For The Working Mom

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Who’s excited?

Honestly, my husband and I are not really a couple to celebrate this sweet holiday, but as a working stay-at-home mom, I still like receiving gifts to be reminded that I am appreciated! Flowers and chocolates are of the old times, am I right? Nowadays, we like to receive gifts that are pretty and functional. So whether you are a working mom or not, today, I will be sharing with you three gift ideas that I’m sure you’ll love and appreciate, the way your family and boo appreciates you and your hard work! #LoveBabbleboxx

Gift Ideas for the Working Mom
Gift Ideas for the Working Mom
  1. Cross Century II Pearlescent White Lacquer Rollerball Pen

I have never owned such a beautiful and elegant pen in my life, so owning this Cross luxury pen makes me feel like a big #GirlBoss! The white pearlescent finish against the rose gold details makes the pen looks so pretty and elegant, my type of aesthetic! It has a balanced and has weighted feel to it that whenever I write with it, it just feels like there’s nothing I can’t accomplish! Believe me when I say that this pen gives me a great sense of purpose! To-do lists seem more fun to tackle! Have you ever felt this way about a pen? But the most important and best thing about this pen is its smooth-flowing and quick-drying ink that make writing a breeze. It’s honestly the best pen for writing!

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Gift Ideas for the Working Mom - Ladies Watches
Gift Ideas for the Working Mom - Ladies Watches

2. G-Shock S Series Watch from Casio

I remember owning one of these watches as a child and now that I have it again just gives me a deep nostalgic feeling. Casio’s G-Shock S Series timepieces are created for the influential fashion-forward woman that has that sportswear-inspired style. I’m not personally a sporty gal, but this sports watch is stylish and gorgeous that I could wear it everyday!

This watch is equipped with the same toughness that the G-Shock is famous for: 200M water resistance, shock resistance, and multiple daily alarms and stopwatch functions (perfect for the busy mom)! I am so in love with the stylish matte blush color and rose gold metallic mirror face of this watch; makes it super easy to incorporate it to my daily style!


3. Zenni Eyewear

Are you feeling a little romantic? Do you like cute and functional accessories? Are you like me that uses eyeglasses and sunglasses as accessories? If you answered yes to all three questions then you are going to love Zenni Valentine’s Day Eyewear as much as I do! Let’s treat ourselves this month by treating our eyes because they need some extra TLC too, especially for us moms who barely get to rest them (because mom life). Zenni eyewear has Blokz™ technology that is designed to block harmful blue light emitted from any digital device, including our phones! Blue light can cause tired, irritated, and blurry vision.

Zenni sent me my new favorite Pink Sparkle Cat-Eye Eyeglasses and the cutest Heart-Shaped Glasses. I’m a blogger and social media influencer so I’m constantly on my laptop and phone! I’m glad that I can protect my eyes by wearing my Zenni pieces. Also, they’re so cute and stylish! Have you heard of Zenni?