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How I Unwind After a Long Week

How I Unwind After A Long Week

I'm sure we've all had weeks where we felt so depleted and thirsty for two whole days of rest. Raise a glass if you experience this every week. 😅  I'm actually blessed to have the luxury of working from home, meaning I don't have a strict schedule. But still, there are times when I feel completely exhausted, so I make sure that I get the break my body deserves.

Making time for yourself is very important especially when you work 40 hours a week! When I used to work as a barista, I always felt like I didn't have time to pamper myself because I was always tired! Even the thought of taking a shower tires me out! Isn't that crazy? So on my days off, I try to schedule a "spa sesh" at home. If I don't schedule a pamper session, I would probably end up sleeping all day, because believe it or not, treating yourself can be work as well if you don't have money for a real spa day!😂

Today, I'm going to show you how my typical spa day from home looks like.



Before anything else, I always light a candle to set the mood. I'm not picky with my candles and I don't really care if it's a made by a famous brand or not. As long as it smells like vanilla, I'm good! But, when I do buy candles, I always make sure it's affordable. Burning an expensive candle is like burning away your dollar bills. Well, that's how I look at it. 🔥 💸


Sorry about the scary picture! HAHA.

Sorry about the scary picture! HAHA.

After a nice and hot bath/shower, I do my "facial", a.k.a., skincare routine. Having a clean face for some reason helps me feel relaxed so it's one thing I like to do to unwind. My facial involves cleansing, exfoliating, toning, applying a mask, applying a balancing serum/essence and moisturizing. I know those are a lot of steps but the end result always feels nice. The process itself makes me feel loved... by me. I know that sounds funny, but it's true! When I care for my body, my skin, my hair, my whole being, I understand better the importance of loving myself more and more. Exercising self-love helps me feel comfortable in my own skin and later on feel more confident about myself. ✨

My SK-II Products were provided by influenster

My SK-II Products were provided by influenster

The mask I used in the photo above is the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask. It is a moisture-enhancing mask so it feels really great when it's on your face. It solves dullness, dryness and uneven skin tone. It has a very cooling sensation which I really enjoy! At first I was worried that all the essence will just drip off my face because it was soaking wet when I took it out of the pack, but it actually stayed on my face very nicely.

On days when I don't put on the mask, I use their Facial Treatment Essence. I use it both in my morning and evening skincare routine and I've noticed that it has made my skin look and feel a lot healthier. And one more thing I love about these products is their smell! It makes me go, "aaaah." 💖  I can't explain what the essence smells like. It just smells so good! 

So after I tone my skin, I apply the essence all over my face with my hands and then I tap the product gently into my skin until it starts to feel a little tacky (it will not feel sticky at all). I don't use a cotton pad for this step because I feel like that's a waste of a product. This SK-II essence ain't cheap so I want to make sure my skin gets every drop of it. 😂  When it's completely dry, I go in with my moisturizer. 

How I Unwind


I am one of those women who feel so much better when their nails are done. Back in Canada, there were days when I felt so stressed out and angry at the world because my nails looked dirty and ugly. So on my spa days at home, I make sure that I squeeze in some nail time because we all know that salons are expensive and I'd rather spend nail money on food. 😂  Ya feel me? 🍣

I don't do anything special. I just cut, clean and paint my nails. I love nude and rosy colors on my nails because it makes my fingers look more feminine and sweet. My favorite color is L'Oreal's Privee Nail Polish in the shade Julianne


While my nails are drying, I usually watch some of my favorite Youtubers and TV shows. Some TV shows that make me feel good are F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (we all love this show don't we?), Sailor Moon and Detective Conan. Some YouTubers I love to watch are Kathleenlights, Mirella Belle BeautyDesi Perkins and Miranda Sings. 👄   I love watching stuff while I wait for my nails to dry because that way, I won't feel the need to use my hands, which in a way, protects my nails too because one little dent on a fresh nail can turn everything upside down! 🙃 

How I Unwind

Sometimes I like to read as well. I used to read a lot of books a few years ago but after I purchased an iPhone, things changed! 😂   I still love books though and reading is a really great way to relax. Books have a way of transporting you into a different dimension; like you're in a little bubble being carried by the wind and no one will be able to touch or disturb you. It's also like watching a movie, but unlike the movies, books make you feel more involved.

How I Unwind

How do you unwind or relax after a stressful week? 

Disclaimer: The SK-II products talked about in this post were sent by Influenster for me to try out. All opinions are my own, as usual.😊  #myessence #skii