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Etude House Secret Brush 121 Skin Review and Demo [VIDEO]

Etude House 121 Skin Brush Review

Ever since I saw the paddle style makeup brushes floating around the internet, I've always wanted to try them out! Artis is one of the famous brands of those kind of brushes and so naturally, I checked out their website. When I saw their prices, I almost choked on my own spit because THEY'RE RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE! Heck no! I'm not getting those, so I kind of kissed my dream of owning "toothbrush" makeup brushes goodbye.

But then I discovered Memebox and after browsing the products they carry, I felt ecstatic! I found this Etude House Secret Brush on there and I immediately bought it! Today, I will give you my full review about the product. If you want to see my first impression and demo of the brush, watch the video below. If you want to continue on with my full review, skip the video. ✨  #memebox



The brush looks really cute! It has this fancy gold color but it is made out of plastic and does kind of feel cheap and flimsy. It is sturdy enough for when you apply foundation and other cream products though. It also comes with an interchangeable sponge head for powder application.

When I got it, I was surprised by how tiny it is! For reference, I placed my thumb beside the brush head. The brush head is very dense, yet very soft and not scratchy at all. The sponge head is just a typical makeup sponge in an oval shape, which I think is perfect for baking under eye concealer.


In the demo, you'll see that I was really impressed by the brush. It buffed my foundation into my skin very nicely and I noticed that it did not soak up any product while I was blending my foundation out. Because the brush head is very dense, it didn't leave streaks across my face. Despite its small size, I was able to spread out the foundation quickly and evenly. What I love about this brush is that because it is different, I feel like the application process is so much more fun than before. 

But now, I mainly use this brush for baking, using the sponge head. Even though I liked the way it applied my foundation, I didn't enjoy the process of switching the brush heads all the time. It's such a hassle for me. 

My thoughts about using this brush for baking: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! It has made my baking process so much easier and mess-free. I hate the feeling of loose powder on my fingers and now, thanks to this brush and its beautiful golden handle, I don't have to experience that anymore. The size of the sponge is perfect for underneath the eyes, for that precise powder application. 


YAAASSSSS! For $16, I think this brush is worth trying out. If you don't mind the process of changing the brush heads, this brush will be a great addition to your brush set. I also believe that you can use this brush for cream contour, cream blushes, for blending out concealer! Because of its small size, you can be precise with the application of your face products! AND IT'S CUTE! If only I wasn't a cheapskate, I'd buy another one just because of how cute it is! 💖

Do you guys know of stores that sell affordable paddle brushes? Please let me know because I want more! Etude House only has this one type of "toothbrush" brush.