San Andrés, Colombia | Part 1

San Andres, Colombia

When Jorge told me we will be visiting and staying in San Andrés for 5 days, I got so freaking excited! I don't remember the last time I visited a tropical island and the whole time I was living in Canada, all I wished for was a trip to the beach with legit hot weather! That wish was granted a few months ago when we visited Colombia in February. 

I'm going to be splitting my San Andrés posts into two parts because I have so many photos to share with you guys and I don't want to upload everything into one page to avoid any lagging that may occur. 

Flying over Panama
do you see San andrés? 

On the 20th of February, Jorge's family including myself (yay! haha) flew to San Andrés from Bogota. It was a very short flight, thank God! I love traveling but I don't like airplane rides. I love lounging and waiting around the airport though, which is weird because all of that is the stressful part in traveling. HAHA. Sadly, we sat at the wrong side of the plane. We weren't able to see the island from the left side and that was kind of a bummer since we were really looking forward to taking shots from the air! But we made sure not to do the same mistake when we left so be on the lookout for those photos because they're so amazing! 😍

Driving to our villa

Driving to our villa

I'm going to fast forward to our villa because the airport experience wasn't really fun. After we got our luggages, a van took us to the place we were to stay at for 5 days! The place is called the Seagrass Villa and guys, when we saw the place, I couldn't stop saying, "WOW!" It is a big house by the beach, with a pool and it felt as if I was in a dream! Sorry but I didn't have the luxury of experiencing these things when I was in the Philippines. HAHA. I was in awe! You'll see more of the villa in my San Andrés vlog which I should be editing soon! 😭

View from our room

View from our room

Jorge and I shared a big room with Jorge's siblings. We got the middle bed and the mattresses were really soft! We were all glad that the room had air-conditioning because it was really hot in San Andrés and after living in winter wonderland for almost 4 years, I just can't sleep feeling hot anymore. We all had access to the villa's kitchen, dining area and pool. The wi-fi was very slow and is the main reason why I wasn't able to Snapchat while we were there! It was actually a nice social media "detox" for me, but I still made sure I updated my Instagram with photos. #CorinthGoesToColombia

After we had something to eat, Jorge and I decided to change into our swimming clothes to walk by the beach near our villa. Our villa was situated away from the centro of San Andrés which was really nice because our side of the island isn't as crowded. The water was simply amazing! I forgot how pretty the ocean can be! There's something about it that makes me feel at peace. After our swim, Jorge and I walked back to the villa to grab our phones and camera because golden hour/sunset meant photos! The light was amazing and we were able to get some nice photos! 

This tree for example was a perfect prop. 😂  🌴  And that's San Andrés centro on the horizon.

here's an iphone shot of me pretending to sleep. haha. I was trying my best to stay balanced actually. 

here's an iphone shot of me pretending to sleep. haha. I was trying my best to stay balanced actually. 

Here are some photos while everything was golden and beautiful...

During sunset...

I'm so excited to show you our San Andrés Vlog!! <3 Watch out for that!

The next day, we all went to the Centro. The centro looked really nice and clean. It's where most of the hotels are located so it's pretty crowded in this area. There are lots of restaurants and shops in the area as well. We scouted for possible golf car/atv rentals for when we are drive around the island. We had ice cream and we took a short dip in the beach as well! Sorry but I wasn't able to take lots of photos! I feel like I vlogged more than I should have haha. 

We also found a guy who would guide us for our adventure the next day! The plan was to go island hopping (Johnny Cay and Aquario) and I was so excited about that! I'm saving that post for part two of my San Andrés series!

See how crowded the beach was at the centro? We also played around with the GoPro while we were swimming over there and we mostly took videos. I'll be adding those clips in my vlog of course, but here are a few clips that I turned into gifs. We were noobs, meaning it was our first time to use the thing, haha so pardon us for the mediocrity of the shots!😬  We had so much fun though!

I'm just letting you guys know that the vlog will probably be a long one since it's the talking kind, not the montage kind. I just wanted to document as much as possible because San Andrés is a place you wouldn't want to forget. Our vacation on that island is something I want to relive again, through the vlog! <3 So again, stay tuned for that one. Day 3 and 4 will be packed with photos and I'm so excited to show you guys everything! 

How about you guys? Where did you spend your most recent vacation? Did you go to the mountains, or the beach? Did you write about it? Let me know! I love reading travel posts! <3

Photos by Jorge and Corinth
The gopro shot of Jorge and I was taken by Julian