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DIY Holiday Cards

Now that Jorge and I are parents, the more I think about more family things to do.

The holidays are right around the corner and the question of whether we’re going to get our holiday photo cards done professionally has popped in my head. First off, do we hire a photographer or do we do it ourselves? Then do we go through a professional service to get our photos printed? How much will all of these things cost?

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How To Use Custom Presets in the Lightroom CC Mobile App


Everyone is coming out with their own presets and if you’re not new here, you’d know that I’m one of those people haha. If you are an Instagram addict like me, you probably have a few custom presets of your own, or presets you have bought from your favorite influencers. But aren’t you sick and tired of doing the copy+paste method?! I feel you boo! Haha.

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How To Create Your Custom Instagram Bio Link

I'm sure we can all agree that Instagram is one of our biggest platforms of influence as bloggers. Meaning, this is where we're able to get the most traffic and interaction when it comes to sharing our blog content and other work. But isn't it so frustrating that there's only one clickable link in our bios? As someone who loves to share more than one thing at a time, most of the time, this is a huge problem, so when services like Linktree and Lynxinbio came about, I didn't hesitate to try them out.

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How To Wear Dresses in Fall

Fall is the best season because for me, it is the season of dressing up!

It's the perfect not-too-hot-not-too-cold weather, and that means I'm able to really play and switch around my outifts. I'm sure by the title of this post, you already know what I will be talking to you about. Dresses are usually summer pieces, but if you want to incorporate them into your fall fashion, you totally can! All you need to are some key autumn pieces to add both warmth and style.

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Updated Everyday Makeup Look Using Drugstore Products

It's been a while since I last filmed my"no makeup makeup" look on my channel, and to be honest, these makeup looks are the ones that I do all the time! On days when I don't really have the time to play around with eyeshadows, this is the makeup look I go for.

In this video, I show you how you can still look put together by using only one eyeshadow color, and by using affordable drugstore products. If you haven't subscribed to my channel yet, please do, it will mean the world to me! Also, let me know what you think of the look. Is this something you can do everyday? I love reading your comments!

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Get Ready With Me: My Go-To Summer Smokey Eye [VIDEO]

I finally have a new makeup tutorial on my channel, and I used the cult favorite Morphe 35O palette, as well as the Morphe x Kathleenlights palette!

It's been months since the last time I sat down and did my makeup in front of a cam (or you guys), and I'm not gonna lie, it was a pain to edit this one! I just realized how talkative I am to the point that I even told myself to shut up while I was editing. HAHAHA. I'm not sure how long my footage was, but I was able to cut it down to 24 minutes! *pats self on the back*

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How I Edit my Blog Photos

I'm sure we all know this by now, that post-processing our photos is essential, especially for bloggers and social media influencers like myself.

We can't just upload straight-out-of-the-camera photos anymore, and it's for good reason. Social media isn't just an avenue for us influencers to express our thoughts anymore. It's become a work field, and so it's extremely important for us to make sure that everything we put out in the world wide web reflects our business/brand. And of course, that includes beautifully edited photos.

Today, I'm going to show you how I edit my blog photos, and I hope that you find this helpful. But wait, there's more! 

I have a huge announcement to make! ARE YOU READY?! 

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