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How To: Ettang Modeling Take-Out Cup Pack Demo & Review [VIDEO]

Peel-off stuff are all the craze right now, most especially in the #Kbeauty world. There's even peel-off eyebrow and lip products now! Isn't that crazy? Well, on today's post, we'll turn down the crazy a few notches because when it comes to facial masks, peeling stuff isn't new.

When MemeBox approached me to be a part of their Ambassador program, I felt so excited and giddy! Of course I said yes because to me it means work, and I get to try out KBeauty products. I might even start a KBeauty series on my blog because I will now be receiving Korean products from Memebox to test out and then eventually create posts on them. 

For my first project, I got to try out the Ettang Modeling Take-Out Cup Packs. This is the cutest mask packaging I have ever seen! It's like a cupcake box. 🎂  This is $26 on the MemeBox website and it comes with 8 different kinds of masks and each mask has its own purpose.

🍒  Acerola - tightens pores and makes skin elastic
🌿  Chlorella - improves skin health
🌼  Calendula - relieves sensitive, dry and itchy skin
🌑  Charcoal - controls moisture balance and purifies skin
🔮  Collagen - improves skin's elasticity
🌹  Paper Mulberry - lightens dark skin tone and helps to make skin glowy
🐝  Propolis - protects and gives moisture to skin
🍨  Yogurt - removes dead skin cells, leaving skin smooth and clear

What I like about this mask is the fact that you get to create and mix up the mask yourself. It kind of brought me back to my childhood days where I experimented and "invented" different kinds of lotions and liquids and stuff.


In the video below, I used the Yogurt pack and it made my skin look so clean and fresh and I noticed that it minimized and tightened my pores as well.
Watch the video for demo:

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That was my experience with the Ettang modeling mask and I can't wait to try out the other ones. It was very cooling and it didn't feel itchy or sticky at all. I wish it had a scent though, but I guess having unscented masks cater to most people, especially to those who are sensitive to smells.

Have you tried these masks? Did you like them? How about other Kbeauty peel-off products? I really want to try those peel-off lipsticks someday!