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This Is The Best Nail Polish I've Ever Tried!

I am not exaggerating when I say that KL Polish is the best nail polish I have ever tried in my entire life! Not only because I am absolutely in love with Kathleenlights, but because the nail polish line she created is literally the best out there! 

KL Polish is a cruelty-free, USA-made nail polish line created by me, Kathleen Lights. I have been obsessed with all things beauty since I can remember. I started my YouTube channel in 2013 to share my love of beauty products with the world and have since been on the hunt for the best of the best.

I fell in love with nail polish along the way and have tested countless brands to help me create the perfect formula and shades to share with you. I’ve always wanted to start my own product line and there’s nothing more fitting for me than nail polish.

KL polish is all about giving you affordable and chic nail polish options, without the harsh ingredients. The shades cater to all skin tones so I know you’ll find something you love! I’m so excited to be on this journey with you!
— Kathleen

It didn't come as a surprise to me when she announced that she created her own nail polish brand. She is indeed a YouTube makeup guru, but she is without a doubt a nail polish addict first. Her nail polish collection is insanely huge, so it's safe to say that she has tried several brands, formulas, etc. to be able to know what she loves and hates. Simply put, she knows exactly what she wanted for her own nail polish line, and I love that she created it as if she was a customer herself. She wanted to create the perfect nail polish for her, and most especially for us, and that my friends is exactly what she did! Right now, she has a total of 6 shades, but I believe that she will be releasing more soon!

I purchased 4 shades and I kind of regret not getting all of them, because after using them for a month, I can say that they're absolutely the best nail polishes I have ever tried. The reason why I love KL Polish is because it's the only nail polish I've used that lasted for two weeks without chipping! But the best thing about their product is the brush! It's seriously a game changer! It makes nail polish application so much easier! So far, my two most favorite shades are Zoey and Caramello. 



• Creamy and thick
• Has medium coverage: you can get away with one coat, but I suggest doing two coats
• Long-lasting and it doesn't chip easily: It can last to up to two weeks without chipping!
• Dries fast
• 100% cruelty free
• 5-free, 7-free, and 9-free [read more here]

NOTE: I've noticed that Caramello has the thickest consistency out of the four, and Broccoli and Chocolate the thinnest. Also, Kathleen mentioned in one of her videos that she's going to make the consistency of her polishes a hair thinner than how they are now. Same formula, just a little thinner. I kind of prefer them how they are now though, but we'll see.


- Thick and flat, almost has a paddle shape for easy application
- Has a matte handle for easy grip


I'm sorry about the inconsistency of the lighting in the following photos, but this is how they looked on my hand! :) These were all taken after 7 days (except for Broccoli & Chocolate): no base polish. I did, however, use a top coat.

These retail for $8.50 each and is only available for purchase at Unfortunately, they do not ship worldwide yet, but I believe that they are trying their best to be able to send out these babies to everybody, real soon! They currently only ship to the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada.

If you are a nail polish addict, you need KL Polish in your collection. I've officially said goodbye to other brands like Essie, OPI, and Revlon, because I've found my perfect nail polish in KL Polish! So excited for her upcoming shades because I see sneak peeks of it in her videos! Also, I hope that she comes out with a base coat and top coat as well! 

Have you tried KL Polish? What's your favorite nail polish brand right now?

P.S.: This post is not sponsored. I wish it was. 😂