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Bogotá | Colombia

It's already almost a year since I explored Colombia, and I still have not finished my travel posts from there! I'm the worst, I tell you. But as my grandmother used to say, "better late than never."

Like I mentioned in my Anolaima post, Colombia reminded me so much of the Philippines, my home country. It has the same vibe, the same amount of grit, and the same warmth from its people. In today's post, I will be showing you photos I took around Bogotá. I wish I had taken the photos a bit better, but apparently, this was the best I could do. But I think the main reason why these photos aren't the best is because we had to be extremely cautious about our devices. Colombia, like the Philippines, has its dangers, so most of the time, I just had my phone in my bag, which was kind of a bummer. 

Colombians love food, especially breakfast! They have bakeries everywhere, just like back home, and I believe I was able to try a version of their pandesal. Did you know that "pandesal" is actually in Spanish (pan de sal), which translates as "bread with salt"? Of course, Colombians are known for their coffee too, so I've had a good dose of coffee when I was there.

Colombians and Filipinos have similar tastes when it comes to food. They even had a tamarind candy which is basically like the "sampaloc" in the Philippines. They also had the cathedral window dessert that Goldilocks has! Of course I tried it, and it was good, but I think I like the Filipino version better. And this is debatable, but after trying their food there, for me, Filipino food beats Colombian food any day! Jorge of course votes for his country. 😂  

Their main transportation in the city are buses. Like I said in my Colombia Vlog, their buses are like their metro system, which is kinda cool! I didn't see jeepneys in the city, but I did see one in Anolaima. I like that some of their underpasses had artwork that again, reminded me of the murals along EDSA/CUBAO. Are those things still a thing in the Philippines? We saw a few souvenir shops, but I only got one thing, which is a canvas sling bag that had "Colombia" on it.

We then just walked around the city, got myself my first pair of glasses, saw this man and his donkey randomly on a street, and then we went ahead and explored Monserrate.

Do you have any travel plans this year? Where are you guys going?