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Montreal | PART 3

We're almost coming to an end with my #CorinthGoesToMontreal series! CLICK HERE IF YOU MISSED PART ONE AND TWO.

  • DAY 6 - Tuesday was my last free day to explore freely so I really made the most out of it. I roamed around the downtown area for a bit and I went to see an art museum, which was absolutely free of charge! I tried to find and explore the Underground City that day (I also tried some days ago),  but I failed miserably. It killed my feet trying to do that so just I decided to go back to Mont-Royal to crush on more houses because the last time I went, darkness fell upon me quickly. After I took a bunch of #houseportraits, I ended up going to this coffee shop called Café Venosa which is a vegan coffee joint and they have cats inside! You read that right. CATS IN A COFFEE SHOP! I was so happy! 😻 The almond milk mocha I had was pretty good too. 
  • DAY 7 - It was US interview day and I left my camera because I didn't really feel like taking such a heavy thing to the interview. I was so glad that I made that decision because their security was pretty tight! No electronics allowed in the place. I was so embarrassed because my bag was filled with wires, chargers and batteries. 😂 They had to put those away in a little cubby.

The wait was nerve-wracking. I wasn't sure what to expect and I didn't have anything to keep me entertained, so I just observed my surroundings. My number was eventually called by this very grumpy interviewer, and I walked away with a big WELCOME TO THE USA paper. I WAS SO HAPPY. I celebrated with a really heavy brunch. Since I didn't really have anything planned after the interview, I tried to find the Palais des Congres because it was the last place from my list that I haven't seen yet. I found it and it looked amazing! I found a salon in the area and booked myself for a makeover. I really felt the need for a change! Before my appointment, I decided to have crépe and went back to this place in Old Montreal. It was the thinnest crépe I have ever had, but maybe that was my fault because I ordered a S'mores one; it was still good though. 

  • FLY BACK TO WHITEHORSE DAY - I had my last brunch with my amazing family. I ordered crépe thinking it would be the same size as the other one I had but I was so wrong. The crépe I got was HUGE and I wasn't able to finish it. 😂 Saying goodbye to people is one of the hardest things to do yo!
Montreal Airport

Montreal Airport

That concludes my Montreal trip! WANT MORE? Watch the VLOG!

I really loved exploring Montreal. Although everyone spoke in French and it literally felt like I didn't belong there, I was able still able to enjoy myself. I missed the rush of a city. Riding the metro like a local made me really happy because it kind of felt like I was a part of something, yet so disconnected at the same time. Crying on the street late at night and feeling helpless due to getting lost was a scary experience, but it taught me how to be braver. Having my phone smashed on the floor felt like THE WORLD WAS ENDING, but I learned that it was just a phone and that it can be easily fixed. I could have spent my days gushing over apartments because I realized that there is so much beauty there is in such mundane places. Thank you Montreal, you taught me things about myself. I think that's the best part about traveling alone. 

 à bientôt... 



P.S.: I am definitely going back and next time, I will be taking Jorge with me! 
Photos taken with my Canon 7D | Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 | iPhone 5s