#TBT: My Thoughts on Finding True Love


The secret to finding true love is to seek Love Himself;

    that’s what I learned when Jorge came into my life.


People always say that love will just come to you, that you don’t have to go look for it . That is part truth, but half false too. People always try to look for it at the wrong places and in the wrong people when we should be searching for God, love Himself. God is Love and that’s the simple truth. When you have found God and dwell in His presence, your life will just be filled with love and your whole being will just be overflowing with nothing but love, and someone will just eventually fall in love with the person that you are. I hope that made sense.

I guess that’s how it happened for me. Moving here has definitely changed my life in the best way. I have been removed from my old ways, my partying and drinking days, in short, I was freed from THE WORST CORINTH ever. By God’s grace, He put me and my sisters here to start fresh. And that’s when I poured my heart out unto the Lord. I confessed all of my sins and asked Him to come into my life again. I started praying for my future husband to come and guess what, he came. God will definitely give you the desires of your heart, as long as you seek Him first all the time.

Instagram was the bridge God used for Jorge and I to meet (virtually) and then, the rest was history. We’ve been talking non-stop despite the three-hour time difference we had to endure (thanks iPhone and Skype). It only took us a few months to know that we already loved each other and I felt so honored to be his first love. (I’ll never let you down baby.:*) And if you guys still didn’t know, Jorge flew to Canada to meet me in person for the first time last week (September 4th) and I’ve got to say that it has been the best 10 days of my life yet. More beautiful and perfect days to come.

I’ll tell more stories about this long distance love but my point in this blog post is that there’s only one step to finding true love: 1. Seek Love Himself, and everything else will fall into place. Talk to God, read His word, love love and love some more and eventually, your love life will come to you.

Throwback Thursdays is when I post stuff here that I've already posted before on my old blog. 

This blog post was written in September of 2013.