The Cutest Clothing Stores for Babies and Toddlers

Baby fashion will always and forever be a weakness of mine because kids’ clothes these days are just so stinkin’ cute!

And if you have a child that loves the camera, all the more do you want to dress them cute, amiright? If you follow me on Instagram then you know that Adeline is a little fashionista; I put all my fashion frustrations into her looks.😂 With all that said, I will be sharing with you where I get Adeline’s cute outfits without breaking the bank! “Without breaking the bank” is key because these kids grow up so fast that you’ll need fresh clothes every few months! 😭


Every time you see a cute outfit on Addie, it’s probably from PatPat. They have so many cute clothes, accessories, and shoes, and they even have some matching clothes for the whole family. Their prices are very reasonable, but though I’ve loved everything that I got from them, I know some items are hits-or-misses. If you’re into that good good quality stuff, you probably won’t like PatPat. But then again, like I said, our kids outgrow their clothes so fast that I don’t care about the quality being 100%. If you want to stay updated on Adeline’s PatPat looks, follow @Corinth_PatPat on Instagram!

PS: I have a discount code you can use! I don’t earn any commission from it; I’m just here to help save you some bucks! Use the code CORINTHPATPAT for 12% off!

Here are some of Addie’s PatPat looks:


Old Navy is that one brand that when it goes on sale, you’re gonna want to get everything! And if you live near an outlet store, even better! When we last visited Maryland, Addie’s grandma spoiled her with a shopping spree at the Old Navy outlet and we easily filled up our shopping basket with cute clothes! I love that their clothes are cute, fashion-forward, and comfortable! And again, their prices are amazing!

Here are some of Addie’s Old Navy looks:


For onesies or “daily wear”, Carter’s is the place to go! They always have great deals for bodysuit sets and they’re super comfortable! These are the clothes I don’t mind getting dirty, especially during meal times. You know how messy things can get. Haha.


+ Target / WalMart - great for anything you need: basics, holiday fits, summer stuff, shoes, etc.
+ Gerber Childrens Wear - great for basics that are soft and comfortable
+ Marshalls / TJ Maxx - shopping here is like the better version of thrift shopping because the prices are so low but everything’s brand new.
+ H&M / Zara Kids - these are my last suggestions because we rarely shop here because they’re a bit on the pricier side (but still affordable), but if you’re looking for really stylish and fashion-forward oitfits for your kid, these shops are where it’s at!
+ KidBox - this is a kids’ clothing subscriptions service which makes them the most unique and most convenient way to shop for your kids, but I’m not gonna lie, it can be pricey, but you do get a GREAT deal by subscribing because they always include high-end baby brands for a waaay cheaper price, and they donate to charity! They do offer a free try-on service so there’s no pressure if you don’t like the stuff you get.

Where do you usually shop for children’s clothing?

Are you a “fast-fashion”/affordable type mommy shopper or do you prefer little businesses that are a bit on the pricier side but provide way better quality pieces?

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