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Vancouver, CA | Day Two

Day two is actually my first FULL day in Vancouver and I was scheduled for my passport renewal at 11:30 AM. The night before, I set my alarm at 7AM but I woke up at 5:30! The hotel's pipes woke me up! My neighbors like to wake up and shower early in the morning, and I'm a very light sleeper so yeah, I woke up with them too. :( I wanted to sleep some more but they liked their hot baths I guess. So instead of trying to go back to sleep, I pushed myself out of bed and I made myself presentable for breakfast.

I decided to check out Cloud 9, which was the revolving restaurant located in my hotel that boasts a 360 view of Vancouver. I'm glad I decided to have breakfast at 7AM. There were only a few people and I like a quiet morning. 

Of course, the views did not disappoint. 

After breakfast, I decided to go to 7eleven to buy some gum and bottles of water because at this point, I was convinced that the hotel was old and that drinking from their tap would be risky. Going inside a 7eleven felt like home. HAHA. There's no 7eleven in Whitehorse so yeah, it's safe to say that seeing a 7eleven in Vancouver kind of made me feel happy.

So cute how it kind of posed for me. :*

So cute how it kind of posed for me. :*

By the time I got back at the hotel, it was only 8AM. I was thinking of where else to go before I get ready for my passport renewal but I felt like I had to take a dump first so I decided to go. That's when my disaster started. I thought hotel toilets were powerful but apparently, my hotel room's toilet was too old to flush my poop! I ended up flooding the bathroom getting water all over the place, even the carpet outside of the bathroom! I was panicking and screaming in my head and I just didn't know how to stop the water from rushing out of the toilet. I grabbed the three towels in the bathroom and then I started drying the floor and carpet. I was wringing out the freezing water inside the bathtub and that has been my cycle for like an hour and a half. I would lay the towels on the carpet and I would dance on it so it would suck the water out of the carpet, then I would squeeze the water out into the tub with all my might. When I felt that no water was coming out from the carpet where I stepped, I then brought out the hair dryer and turned that on while I dried the other parts of the floor. IT WAS A DISASTER! #ONDOY feels lang. My hands were shaking and my brain couldn't really think of anything else. I then told myself that I'm never going to stay at the same hotel again!

When it was an hour before my appointment, I decided to stop my impromptu janitorial activity to get ready. I washed my body really quick then I went ahead on wearing my casual business attire and put on some makeup so nobody will really know what went down that morning. HAHA!

I fooled them good! HAHA. I have poop probz okay. :(

I fooled them good! HAHA. I have poop probz okay. :(

The whole passport thing went fast and successful. I wouldn't bore you with any details. I can say though that I WAS THE ONLY ONE WEARING A PROPER BUSINESS ATTIRE! Next time, I won't bother buying black college-girl heels!


After my passport renewal, I planned to take pictures around the area but unfortunately, the sky decided to cry, so I just hailed a cab and went back to my wet hotel room. I changed into more comfortable clothes and then I looked for a place to have lunch. Robson street is the place to be when you want to pig out and do some shopping so it was nice to be staying at a hotel right on that street. I chose poorly on the hotel though. HAHA.

I wanted pasta so when I saw this Japanese spaghetti place, I was intrigued. I order their Creamy Tomato Spaghetti with Chicken and Bacon and OMG! It was one of the best pasta dishes I've ever had! If you go visit Robson Street, SPAGHeTEI is a must-visit!

Look how yummy that is! 

Look how yummy that is! 

After my satisfying meal, I went ahead and did some shopping. I first bought an umbrella because it was raining cats and dogs! I then went inside a few shops but I found them a little too expensive for my budget (wala naman talagang budget haha).  I did however pick up a few items from Forever 21 and Sephora. It was nice getting lost in all those nice stuff! I missed shopping in the real world. Then after that I got a haircut! I told the Chinese lady to cut it shoulder-length but she really got into cutting my hair and ended up cutting my locks a little shorter than what I wanted but it's all good! My hair is now short and that's all that matters. :)

My head feels 10x lighter! Aaah. <3

My head feels 10x lighter! Aaah. <3


I love Gastown for its architecture and history. I love how the buildings looked there and how they have this New York vibes! It was a bummer that I arrived there a little later in the day that some of the shops were already closed so I just ended up walking down the street that led me to Main St. If I were to go back to Vancouver, I'd definitely go back to this place. There are a few restaurants and coffee shops at this area that I think are worth checking.


I thought Main Street wouldn't be such a long street but it is. I got so used to living in Whitehorse where our Main street is like only 4 blocks and that thought was stuck in my head when I decided to check out 49th Parallel, as recommended by an Instagram friend. I thought, "hmmm... since I'm on Main Street now, I might as well check out the coffee shop Ashley suggested." So I checked my Yelp and I looked at the map and it showed me that I was only supposed to walk straight. I thought, wow, it's close! I'll just walk to it! So I walked. After 30 minutes, I checked the map again. It should be close now, I thought. So I just kept walking, until my legs and feet started to hurt. Then the rain came pouring down again, and I felt a little lost and sorry for myself for walking for probably an hour now. I checked again. IT SHOULD BE CLOSE!! But there was one thing I forgot to do when I checked the map. I FORGOT TO ZOOM IN!!!!! (#icrey) When I realized my little stupid move, I felt like giving up, but I just kept on walking because I was already halfway there and it was pointless to just stop and go back, also because hailing a cab was harder than I expected. (parang Philippines lang) So, I ended up walking approximately 3 miles, yeah, I checked Google Maps. I wasn't able to take lots of pictures during this long walk because it was in a sketchier part of town and I literally felt like I was in a Breaking Bad episode where Walter White was selling Meth to Tuco. I had to hide my camera and phone in my bag the whole time. Better safe than dead (BREAKING BAD IS REAL #YO).

When I arrived at 49th Parallel, I was just so glad that the place was definitely worth seeing. The long walk and cold rain I endured weren't for nothing! It's a place where Instagrammers would hang out. HAHA. I saw a photographer taking pictures of a couple, probably for an engagement because she was doing a cliché "through the glass" shot of them as I was entering the coffee place. As soon as I walked inside, I knew it was a coffee shop I would often visit, if I lived around the area. The coffee shop had this hipster vibe that I could really appreciate. The donut I had was superb and my mocha was good. It even had a design on it! It felt nice being on the other side of the counter this time. 

I wish I had taken more photos of the interior but the place was packed and I was too tired to even bother. 

From there, I called for a cab and decided it was time for me to rest. I wasn't able to even have dinner that night. I was too beat and I managed to get a headache too! When I got back at the hotel, I was greeted with the funky smell, that is my wet carpet. Huhu. But I said I'll be okay.

So I drank some Tylenol, hopped into the shower, relaxed my muscles and my brain and crawled into bed. The next day, I get to meet Fritz and Glenny! It should be fun and exciting because they're going to tour me around and outside Vancouver! I slept with a dead-tired body, but my heart was full and very much excited.

P.S. I want to apologize for the quality of some pictures here. I programmed myself to VLOG that I forgot to take stills during my trip. Some pictures posted here are screenshots from my video clips. Haha. I promise you though that the next post will be full of good pictures!