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2015 GOALS


I know that we're already on the second month of the new year (crazy!) and the first week of February has already come and gone but I don't think it's ever too late to post my 2015 GOALS!

I didn't really care for goals in the past few years of my adulthood because I felt like I had everything I needed. It was the same old same old kind of living for me before I met Jorge. I was content with my boring life. I didn't challenge myself, I didn't set anything great before me. I didn't have any goals other than to NOT BE POOR again. It was good. I was living my life but of course, some things changed and I can't live my life that way anymore. 

I feel like I've grown up and matured a lot since the day I turned 18 that I'm going to finally start writing down my goals and plans for my life. I know this is going to help me unlock life achievements and it's going to help me live a happier and lovelier life.

Now that I am married, I really need to start planning for my husband and I's future. We can't be stuck here living with my sisters in this tiny apartment. We're gonna need to have our own house, own car and own things. I'm really extremely excited for that upcoming part of our lives. House-sitting my co-workers' place gave Jorge and I a glimpse of independent living and we loved it very much, but for us to achieve that, we're gonna need to take lots of baby steps. 2015 will be all about those baby steps. 

OUR (achievable) GOALS for this year:

  1. THE BIG MOVE- Jorge and I plan to move out of Canada and we're actually already in the process of getting my green card. It's a really big decision for both of us and we fully understand the sacrifices we'll have to make. We're really looking forward to it!
  2. SAVE MORE AND BE DEBT FREE- I'm gonna be extremely happy once we pay off our credit card completely! It's gonna take us a few months but it's definitely NOT impossible. Jorge and I also started putting money in our savings account. God-willing, by the end of this year, we'll have enough money to get our (see number 4).
  3. TRAVEL AND EXPLORE- Jorge and I have been aching to travel and see new places. Right now we're aiming to see more parts of the Yukon and Canada. Then, we're off to see more parts of the world (after we've established number 1)! Jorge and I should start a TRAVEL FUND JAR. YES!
  4. OUR OWN PLACE- One of our biggest goals for this year would definitely be to find a place we can call our own. Hopefully by the end of this year, Jorge and I will be able to move into our own home. It's gonna be so much fun! <3
  5. EAT BETTER- It's really hard, especially for me, to say goodbye to unhealthy foods, but this year, we'll really try to eat better. Health is wealth! Jorge is already doing a great job at it. I just need to apply his ways and follow his tricks. I'm so hard-headed though.


  1. LESS IS MORE- Thanks to Instagram and the minimalists there, I developed a liking for simplicity. Less is sometimes more and is definitely pleasing to the eye. I now reach for plain light-colored things against pink and flowery patterned bed sheets. Get the picture? It also helped me declutter my space. This year, I'm going to try to keep choosing to be simple.
  2. NEED > WANT- For a lady, it's sometimes hard to distinguish the things we need from the things we want. WANTS become NEEDS and we all know that later on, we'll realize that we didn't really need those things we thought we needed. I am guilty with this Need Want Syndrome (if there was such a thing) and it needs to stop already. From now on, I will be more careful and intentional with my purchases. There will be no more spontaneous shopping sprees. I'll strictly buy only the things I really need and buy the things I want as rewards for myself on special occasions. I know my bank account will thank me later.
  3. STOP, BREATHE- I tend to be really feisty and really hot-tempered sometimes and I know it's not a good quality to have. I'll try to remember to stop and breathe and calm down. Bad vibes is very contagious and I don't want to spread annoying feels. I want to live every day with a light heart. <3
  4. TAKE MORE PHOTOS- I need to start picking up my camera more often. If I want to enhance my photography skills, I'll need to really work on it. I'm really hoping for warmer days because honestly, this place kills my urge to take photos. It's waaay too cold for anything. My goal is to make photography and blogging my main source of income one day, so I really need to be good at what I love doing. 
  5. READ AND WRITEWRITEWRITE- If I want to be a successful blogger, I need to keep writing and personally, I feel like I write better when I read books. I used to read a lot before I became a lazy cat. That's going to change this year. My goal this 2015 is to read at least one book per month. On writing and blogging, my goal is to at least post twice a week. If I love something, I'll have to make time for it, no lazy cat excuses!

My 2014 was really awesome and I believe that 2015 will be just as great, if I want it to be. In simple words, my goal for this year is to live a better life and be a better version of me. It won't take much, it will just need a lot of patience and perseverance!

What are your goals for this year? Write all about it in the comment box below or send me a link to your blog post if you blogged about it too. I'd love to read your life goals! - CS

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