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Adeline's First Trimester

I cannot believe that I will love motherhood as much as I do! It almost feels like this has been my calling all along. Anyway, this post isn’t about me or my feelings. Today, I wanted to share with you the first three months of Adeline’s life!

She almost 5 months now, and it still feels like it was just yesterday when I pushed her out into this crazy world. Her first three months flew by so quickly, and honestly, most of it was a blur — a mix of days where I am constantly checking diapers, feeding her milk, and constantly cuddling her — the most fulfilling 3 months of my life yet.


When Adeline hit 1 month, my sister was in town and GOD BLESS HER SOUL! She helped me so much with Adeline. As a mom of two kids, she’s pretty much experienced so it was really nice that she was able to visit us at such a crucial time of my recovery. I was able to get some extra rest, and it was just nice to have family (who spoke tagalog) around. Adeline was still so tiny at this point and still looked very fragile and thin. Imagine: big belly, long limbs, just like a little froggy. Haha. Her face was still a little swollen, but she didn’t really have any of the baby acne stuff. She always wore mittens because I was too scared to cut her nails and she really liked scratching her face. At one month, her neck was already pretty strong. She didn’t enjoy tummy time, but she didn’t hate it either. She slept so good too! My sister even told me that I am so lucky with Adeline because she’s such a good baby! She liked falling asleep on my chest and how I wish I knew that this phase didn’t last that long; I would have let her sleep on me more. Also, it’s crazy how many photos and videos you’re able to take of your child! haha. She went to Basecamp and explored Washington DC with my sister. She even sent my sister off at the airport. You could say that our first month was pretty eventful.


Adeline got her first set of shots at this month and boy was it a hard day for me. Hearing her cry in so much pain broke my heart because Adeline doesn’t really cry. But the crying only lasted for 5 minutes, and she was fine the rest of the day. I really thank God for blessing me with such a good baby. She was so strong and brave and she doesn’t even know it! At two months, I believe she was already sleeping through the night. She had her growth spurt weeks of course, but she was still pretty good with sleeping. Again, she doesn’t really cry for no reason. She only does when she’s extremely hungry or tired. I was able to get a couple sponsored posts for baby stuff so that was pretty exciting! She was already modeling for me at this age. :)) She started sticking her tongue out and it’s actually the cutest thing! We also discovered that she laughs and smiles when we blow on her face so that was one trick I did if I wanted to get her to smile for a photo. Thanks uncle Julian for discovering the blowing trick! :) This was when we got her swing and it was (and still is) a lifesaver! She still slept so much though, and I guess it was a good thing because that allowed me to say no to people who were so eager to hold her.


This was when she started to get really chunky! I was struggling with my breastmilk at this point and decided to just supply with formula. Now at almost 5 months, she still hasn’t gotten sick so I think she’s pretty healthy. Fed is best, so if you’re a mom who’s struggling with breastfeeding, relieve yourself from the pressure of society telling you you should ONLY breastfeed. Your baby will be fine. Adeline attended her very first wedding. She won’t remember any of it of course, but she partied with us. This was when we were able to get our first legit family photo. Postpartum recovery felt better for me so we were able to go out more. We visited a new coffee shop, explored the Pumpkin Patch, and did a few more photo shoots out in nature. The drool started to get really out of hand at this month, so I’m very thankful for my friend Angela for gifting us a bunch of those bandana bibs! Mommas, you cannot have too many!! Teething is serious business! She accidentally rolled over a few times, but I keep telling social media that she has REALLY rolled over a few times. HAHA. Shhhh don’t tell! She’s able to grip on things better now, and her vision is much more fluid! This was the time I was able to sling her A LOT! I am so in love with baby-wearing! I will be writing about this eventually. At three months, she started half laughing and it’s our favorite sound in the world.

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Breast Pump - I loved using this manual breast pump because I had better control over my boobies, plus, it’s quiet! The breast pump I got through my insurance was quite loud so having to use this one while Adeline was sleeping was a lifesaver!
Baby Onesies - 1,2,3,4 The Uniqlo baby bodysuits are my favorite because they are breathable! Onesies that zip up in the front are amazing too for easy changing especially at night! Don’t play yourself by buying the ones that have a lot of snappy buttons. Good luck matching them up when you’re half-asleep changing your little babe haha.
Bandana Bibs - for the drool!
Diaper Bag - best diaper bag ever!
Changing Mat - because our room was so small, we didn’t get to use her changing table. We just changed her on the bed and a changing mat like this one was a lifesaver!
Ring Sling - helps you free your arms when baby is being extra clingy. this also avoids people from wanting to hold your child haha
Muslin Swaddling Blankets - super multi-functional! use it as an actual blanket, car seat cover, burp cloth, towel, nursing cover, window cover, cute flatlay photos, and more! Be creative haha.
Baby Swing - we got ours off of the Facebook Marketplace for a loooot cheaper!
Dockatot - I use this to this day! When Adeline was a lot smaller, I liked putting her in the dockatot so she can sleep beside us in bed. She still sleeps in this in her crib! I think she’s able to sleep better and longer because of this!
Boppy - I used this so much not for breastfeeding (because you know! If you don’t, read here) but for feeding Adeline! Because someone told me that I should be feeding Adeline upright, we started feeding her on this boppy. I still use this for when she wants to sit up while playing.
Baby Towels - for baths and wiping off that drool!
Baby Mittens - avoids scratches. I love this one because the opening is pretty tight so you’re rest assured it’s not going to come off at night or whenever.