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Explore With Corinth: Bug Bites Included

EXPLORE WITH CORINTH: Bug bites included

So yesterday, on a Sunday, I was itching to get out of the house so I went out to go exploring and as usual, I went on my own. I live in Riverdale now so I wanted to check out the trails around the area. Jorge and I went hiking near our place last September so I decided to revisit the place yesterday and I discovered new places too. Exploring is for learning the unknown and that’s what I’m really hungry for; discovery!

We had the most beautiful weather yesterday so I really pushed myself out of my pajamas and got my backpack ready! There was no way I’m going to pass on such a gorgeous summer day! I wore a really basic outfit and threw on my hat to protect my head, packed my camera, my Instax Mini, my water bottle and of course, my Optrix case and tripod. I thought I wouldn’t need mosquito repellant and boy was I so wrong. So if you are going to go out to explore in the woods and climb a mountain, make sure your skin is protected because if you go out without a shield like I did, you’d wake up thinking tracker jackers have bitten you. :|

All photos are taken with my iPhone 5s and edited with VSCO Film 01