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Makeup Products You Need this Fall

Back when I was in the Philippines, Christmas (winter) was my favorite season because that's just how it is! Christmas in the Philippines is the best! But now that I'm living here in the US where Christmas is celebrated differently, Fall has inched its way up to the top spot in my heart. Fall is my favorite season now because it's the perfect "in between" weather; not freezing, not hot -- just perfect! And I don't know what it is with Fall, but it's the season where all the makeup addicts begin rejoicing! I guess it has something to do with the color palette of Autumn - burnt oranges, reds, coppers, chocolatey browns and deep plums - in other words, very yummy makeup looks!

For today's post, I will be sharing with you a few makeup products that I've either been already loving, or really excited to try out this fall season! 


Fall is just a few days away, and we might already notice that the air is starting to feel nice and cold! Gone are the sticky summer days, hallelujah! But with the colder temperatures upon us, our skin will most definitely start feeling dry! So I suggest that we stray away from our mattifying products this fall season to avoid tightness on our faces. I suggest moisturizing adequately and using foundations that don't need setting!

One of my favorites would be from MatchCo! This foundation is great because first of all, it is made to match our skin tone perfectly! Just by simply scanning your complexion through their app, they're able to create your custom shade! My bottle even has my name on it because my foundation was specifically made FOR ME! That is the future of makeup! WOOT WOOT! No more mixing shades because with MatchCo, you find your perfect match! OHA! 😂  Anyway, the second thing I love about this foundation is the formula! It is medium to full coverage, and it has a thicker consistency than most foundations. But don't be alarmed because it doesn't feel heavy on the face whatsoever! It's so easy to blend, and the best part is: it dries to a gorgeous powder finish, without making the face look cakey! There's no need to powder the face with this foundaiton. For more information about this product, go check out their website and get matched today! 

MatchCo Foundation, ELF Blush & Bronzer in Sta. Lucia, Revlon 24 Hour Colorstay for Combination Skin

MatchCo Foundation, ELF Blush & Bronzer in Sta. Lucia, Revlon 24 Hour Colorstay for Combination Skin

Another alternative would be the Revlon Colorstay Foundation! This is the foundation I used when I was in NYC last Christmas and it was perfect! I got the one for combination skin, but it isn't a matte-finish foundation! It gives a nice dewy and healthy look to the skin. :)

For blush and bronzer, a duo like this one from ELF is perfect for the fall! This is their Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder in the shade Sta. Lucia, and I love the muted tones of this product! A slight flush of color on the cheeks is really nice especially when you want people to focus more on your eyes or lips, with all the crazy makeup looks you will be creating this season. You can even use the bronzer side as blush if you are feeling grungy. 


Everybody has heard of the Morphe 35O palette, and seriously guys, the hype is real! This is the ultimate FALL eyeshadow palette so if you don't have it already, right now is the perfect time to purchase your own! It has the perfect mix of mattes and shimmers, and has a variety of rich and gorgeous autumn shades! 

Morphe 35O Palette, Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer, Too Faced Sketch Marker

Morphe 35O Palette, Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer, Too Faced Sketch Marker

To keep your eye makeup in place all day, you're going to need some shadow insurance! The one that I recommend is the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer. See what I did there? HAHA. Anyway, this is such a great primer to use in the fall to keep your eyeshadow looking fresh all day and night! After all, you wouldn't want all the time spent blending your eyeshadow go to waste right? Gotta insure your gorgeous eye makeup girl!


Too Faced Sketch Marker Liquid Liner

I have a love hate relationship with liquid liners because there are days when my wings look perfect then there are days when my wings look like complete crap. With Too Faced's Sketch Marker Liquid Liner, my wings are always on fleek! This liner makes it so easy to create super thin lines, which I love, and it's extremely black! One more thing, once this dries, it's not leaving your skin! Think of this eyeliner as permanent for your eyes! 



Before putting anything on our lips, we have to make sure to have our lips prepped for lipstick! Exfoliating is important, and since fall is the season of dry and chapped lips, it's important to exfoliate our lips as well! A really great and affordable lip exfoliator is the one from ELF. This product will keep our lips very soft and smooth and ready for our matte liquid lipsticks! The one thing I hate about this product is the taste! 😖

And here's our favorite part of all: the liquid lipsticks! Before the reign of liquid lipsticks, I really didn't care much for lip products! I can't stand sticky lipsticks and glosses so I never really put anything on my lips! I used to just bite my lips for color! HAHA. But when I discovered this magical thing called liquid lipsticks, I became obsessed and now, I can't seem to stop buying them!

The ones that I love to get (more like collect, really) are ColourPop's Ultra Matte Lips and Ultra Satin Lips. I love their liquid lipsticks because they dry super matte and they are super long-lasting! I love it when I don't have to re-apply my lips every 20 minutes! And lastly, because of ColourPop, I don't get lipstick on my teeth anymore! 🙌🏻  The new shades that I have which are totally fall appropriate are Hutch, Love Bug, and Times Square (my fave nude ever). I'm pretty sure I will be wearing Love Bug everyday so take this as a warning. HAHA.

FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: Hutch, Love Bug, Times Square

FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: Hutch, Love Bug, Times Square

So there you have it folks! Hopefully you're not sick of me talking about ColourPop yet! HAHA. There will be fall makeup tutorials, so watch out for that on my channel! And hopefully you are just as excited as I am for fall! xoxo


DISCLAIMER: MatchCo sent me the foundation to be featured on my blog. But, as always, all opinions expressed in this post are mine and 100% from the bottom of my heart. :)