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What I Wore on Thanksgiving 2016

When Siri told me that the weather won't be too cold on Thanksgiving, I knew exactly what I was gonna wear! I've been wanting to wear this outfit and I was able to finally flaunt it on Thanksgiving. It's very simple, but I still think it's worth blogging about because I don't think I've ever put together a look like this before haha. Here's to trying out new ootds!👍🏻

I knew I wanted to wear something loose to hide the food baby that comes with the whole Thanksgiving festivities, but I didn't want to look very casual either, so I opted for my trusty plain black t-shirt dress from Joe Fresh (which I got from Canada), and threw on my chunky cardigan from Forever21 to keep me warm. The tall boots from JustFab definitely made the outfit lean more on sophisticated than casual, which was my goal, and for added warmth, I wrapped my favorite blanket scarf from Forever21 around my neck! For the finishing touch, I wore my Mustard Seed Locket which I got from Oliveyewjewels.



This year's thanksgiving was waaaay better than last year's, and I've come to realize that US thanksgivings feel more like Christmases  in the Philippines, without the gift-giving. Americans celebrate Christmas quietly, which I'm not used to, but at least now I know that we have Thanksgiving to make up for that hehe.

I will be posting a  Thanksgiving vlog soon so watch out for it. It was really nice to finally meet most of Jorge's family here in the US, and though I couldn't understand the conversations going on around me 90% of the time, it was still extremely fun because they love games, and that's what we did after we ate turkey🦃 . HAHA. My face hurt from laughing too much, and you'll see why in the vlog! 😂

How do you guys celebrate Thanksgiving and what are the things you are thankful for this year?
I have sooo many things to be grateful for and I thank God for those things every single day! ❤️  
Let's get into the habit of being grateful shall we?

Photos taken by Jorge // edited by moi