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5 years...

I cannot believe it's been 5 years already since my mother passed away. I can't believe how many things have changed in just a span of 5 years; my sisters and I moved to Canada, my sister Hannah has her own family of four, I got married to the most amazing guy in the world, and now, I'm on my way to the US to be with him. 

I cannot even imagine how many rollercoaster rides my sisters and I have been through, but we made it through them and we're all here, alive and well and I know it was all by God's grace. Our story is definitely a big testimony of how God's love can conquer all, even the most difficult, sometimes almost impossible, circumstances. But also, I'd like to think that my parents had a big part on how my three sisters and I dealt with life. I would like to think that we were raised in a beautiful family. My parents did I great job with me and my sisters and I will forever be proud to say that we are who are because of them, and because of all the things they instilled in our being.

I just wanted to share with you guys the message my mom sent me 5 years ago. She was already battling with cancer around this time and little did I know that she would be leaving us soon after.

My beautiful mom passed away on October 6th of 2010. She may be gone now, but her life and her love will always be remembered. 

I'm sorry I ignored this message. It breaks my heart how selfish I was last two years ago. I hate it. I hate myself for doing that to you. And I know what I'm typing here won't make any difference 'cause you're long gone but still. I'm so sorry. What a day. It's the middle of the afternoon, I'm doing laundry and I'm crying, sobbing at this guilt I forgot I had in me.:(
I love you mama. I will never ever take people for granted. I promise.
Deeply sorry,
Your daughter

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