Bye bye LDR! | #TBT

Finally! My fiance's here with me in Whitehorse and here's the best part: there will be no more goodbyes!

It makes me so happy that later, when I get home from work, he'll be here waiting for me. It's crazy how happy we both are right now and it's all thanks to our big and awesome God.

Yesterday, I was a bit nervous about Jorge landing in Toronto because he had to go through customs with a bunch of questions and since he had no return tickets, officers could get suspicious. But I'm so glad that Jorge told them the truth and was honest about everything that they let him go see me! The truth shall set you free, ALWAYS! Hehe. Jorge also thought that his luggages got lost (again) like last time, but his bags showed up here in Whitehorse safely so that was a big relief! Whew! God is so good!

I'm so excited about what God has planned for the life I'll have with Jorge. It will be tough financially since he can't work here yet, but we both know that God will always provide, even in the craziest of circumstances. He's always been there for us from the beginning and there's no way He'll leave Jorge and I hanging. His love never ends. We also know that as long as we're together, nothing can ever be as hard and as painful as to being three thousand miles apart. God is the foundation of our relationship and as long as we keep Him in the center of our lives, nothing is impossible.

LOVE IS NO DISTANCE and that's a fact! So cheer up if your love is a million miles away. ;) Nothing is impossible with our God!

P.S.: We're getting married! 7-24-14

#TBT this was posted in July 2014, Whitehorse, YT

Little did Jorge and I know that after a year, Jorge will have to go back home to the US because we decided that Whitehorse is not the place for us. It's crazy how in just a span of one year, things totally changed. 

July 2014 - We got married

November 2014 - We made a decision to work on my US Immigrant Visa and actually worked on it immediately

July 2015 - We celebrated our one year marriage anniversary

September 2015 - Jorge flew back to the US

October 2015 - I went to Montreal for my US medical and US Visa interview

November 2015 -  I FINALLY MOVED TO THE US!

I am finally living in the US, LEGALLY (that's a big deal! Haha, no #OTWOL game happening here) and we are just so blessed and happy because we actually get to start our life in a place where we can actually grow and flourish. We just felt that Whitehorse isn't the place for us and after a week of living here in Maryland, I can totally see why Jorge was a little skeptical about moving to the Yukon before. Just imagine Whitehorse as a little fish in a little fish bowl, and then there's the ocean, filled with so many other beautiful creatures; that's how it felt like live to there, at least for us. Like, there's so much more out there, so why are we stuck in a bowl?

I'm just really grateful that I am given this amazing opportunity to live in this country. I know I will be doing greater things here and I'm pretty excited with all the possibilities!

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