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Life Lately | 12

The past few weeks have been pretty hectic for me, and I honestly don't want to bore you with the same old spiel I keep doing every time I write a new blog post (after being quiet for a while). HAHA.
Let's just get on with a few updates on my life lately.

t o   n e w
c h a p t e r s

Jorge and I closed an awesome chapter in our life and moved out of the apartment last month. The apartment was amazing, but it wasn't really smart for us to stay because of how much money we pay for rent. We had to make a decision, and we decided to let go of our beautiful place in preparation for the baby. The goal is to have our own place before the baby comes out, so we decided to leave to save some money that can go towards our own place and baby stuff. Right now, we're back at Jorge's mom's house very temporarily, and we're really hoping to move soon!

Living in a house full of people isn't new to me, but after living in our own space for almost 2 years, coming back to a crowded house was a bit of a challenge and a wake up call. Jorge and I really have to get the ball rolling. Being self-employed is the hardest thing when you're trying to build your own family. Although living with family members has definitely been helping Jorge and I breathe financially, we can't be too relaxed if we want the best for our child. So please please please pray with us for provision. For God to open up doors for Jorge and I. For this dry season to end. I want my little girl to have the best life we can give her.

m y   o l d / n e w
c o r n e r


AND YES! In case you missed Jorge and I's gender reveal on social media, we're having a girl! We didn't really have a preference, we just wanted a healthy baby, but for the first few months of the pregnancy, we just felt like we were having a boy and we were pretty sure about it. So when we got the phone call, we were pretty surprised when my OB-GYN said,"it's a girl!" Jorge and I accepted the news with so much joy, and I can already tell the she's going to be a daddy's girl. 
Fun fact: even before I got pregnant, Jorge always imagined us having a baby girl, and he created scenarios of what our little girl would do. I guess he got what he projected haha. 

And with all that comes the baby clothes! Jorge's mom loves to shop, and she already started buying the cutest baby girl clothes. 😭 One of my goals for this month is to start on a baby registry. It's going to be a really stressful task, but a very important one for sure. Once I get that finalized, I'm going to share it here of course. Jorge and I are going to need all the help we can get, and I want to make sure that our friends and family don't waste money on things we won't need. Having a guide will be really helpful for everyone who's going to bless our baby with gifts at her baby shower. 🎀

i   c a n ' t    ,   
s o   c u t e   !

There's a first time for everything, and last night was a first for me in the ER.

I've been feeling this sharp pain in my lower right side for a few days, and Jorge, who has gone through an awful appendix removal, was afraid I was feeling the same thing. So I talked to our insurance's nurse representative on the phone and explained my symptoms, and she said that we should go to urgent care (at 2am, the only open spot apparently), so we went. I guess when you're pregnant, every symptom is extra serious. When we got to urgent care, we were told to go to the ER because they didn't have the tools (at 2am) to do tests on me. So we did. And my gosh, the ER was a long process that took around 8 hours! After one urinalysis, a few blood tests, an ultrasound, a few question and answer portions, and endless hours of waiting, the results came back negative of whatever it is they were looking for. Everything looked fine, and the doctor said that the pain may be coming from the stretching of my insides, a.k.a. pregnancy. I still have that weird pain, but I just hope it would go away soon. I guess the one good thing that came out of this whole health scare was the ultrasound. I saw my baby, and she looks like a baby!!! The last time I saw her, she looked like a little lump inside of me. Now, she's an actual baby, and it was the cutest thing. I wish Jorge was in the room with me during the procedure, but since they kicked him out, all I can give him are my vague descriptions of what I think I saw on the monitor. I love that his eyes lit up when I told him about her, and I'm so blessed and happy to know that my husband is going to be an incredible father. I cannot wait!

f i r s t   t i m e

Jane the Virgin has been a guilty pleasure of mine that I am not really guilty about. It's my current feel-good show because This Is Us just makes me cry every episode. HAHA. I'm almost done with Season 3 and I don't know what I'm going to do when I run out of episodes to watch. What's your current TV show obsession?

I guess I can end this update with a thank you. For all the lovely comments you leave on my Instagram. For the likes. I know it's such a silly thing, but every engagement means a lot to me. It shows that you support me, and that drives me to do better. I know I haven't been posting much lately, but I'm not going anywhere. I just need to find my groove, and once I do, content will be pouring like rain. ♥️