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One Foggy Morning with my Husband

It's been a long while since the last time Jorge and I woke up to go "exploring", and I'm so glad that we did it again this past week. The night of November 29th was extremely foggy, and that's what actually triggered Jorge's itch to go catch the sunrise the next morning. Jorge and I were on the road by 6:30 AM, and if you guys know us, you know that THAT's extremely early for us! Haha. We're not early birds, and we love to sleep in, but we'd get out of bed for a beautiful foggy sunrise.

Jorge drove us to Black Hill Regional Park, and we arrived at the place at the exact time the park opens: 7 AM. It was still pretty dark when we got there so naturally, with the fog and all, the place looked very eerie. I kept saying "it's like we're in Silent Hill!" It looked beautiful! It rained so the sun didn't really show up the way we expected it to, but we still got a lot of amazing pictures! 

Of course, I vlogged this morning, so watch out for that on my channel soon! I know, the vlogs haven't been coming out as regular as I want them to, but I promise you, the vlogs are coming! HAHA. :) 

Here are some of iPhone pictures that we took:

After all these photos, the rain suddenly poured so we left. We actually also planned on flying the drone that morning, but the rain made it impossible for us to. We then of course, had breakfast at IHOP, and that was the first time we experienced the morning rush hour traffic! I hope you liked the moody photos! :)

How do you guys spend your free mornings?

Some photos were taken by Jorge.