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Takhini Hot Pools

I lived in the Yukon for 3 years and 7 months but it's only in my third year of living there that I was able to visit the infamous Takhini Hot Springs. It's approximately a 30-45 minute drive from the city center, which is Whitehorse, and it's a great place to go relax and unwind. 

When my family and I went there, we took advantage of their family pass which allowed 5 members to enter for just $30. Now that I checked their website, we probably went on the weekend and we made sure we got there before 4PM. 


for more information, visit their website: TAKHINIHOTPOOLS.COM

As you saw, it's cheaper to go in the day because the evening pool experience is better since it gets colder at night and it's the best time to go for a dip in the very hot pool, and it really will save you a chunk of your money if you plan to bring your family.

They have two pools. The smaller pool is the hotter of the two and I noticed that kids steer clear of it because it is REALLY HOT! I'm not even kidding you! At first, it felt like I was putting myself inside a boiling cauldron, but after my body has adjusted to the heat, it felt really good! It relaxed my muscles and Jorge and I hung around there for like 20 minutes. 

There's a restaurant called Café Balzam in the same place as the hot pools so it's very easy to grab a meal when you feel hungry. They serve tea, coffee, and specialty crepes, but to be honest, I suggest that you save your money and grab food in the city center because I don't think their prices justify the quality of their food. 

Thousands of people have visited Takhini's hot pools and I think that's amazing! Some people even go in the winter time to freeze their hair! CHECK THIS OUT if you don't believe me! It's a really funny Yukon thing. 

My family and I had a great time when we went so I'm sure you would too! The Takhini Hot Pools is one of the best places you can visit in the Yukon for a family trip, a solo pamper sesh or for a sweet and intimate dip your partner. So if you do find yourself visiting the Yukon, especially in the winter time, make sure to put Takhini Hot Pools in your list of destinations! If you think you won't need a bikini and flip flops in the Yukon, think again!