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Swirl and Sparkle Makeup Brush Cleaner REVIEW + GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)!

I never liked cleaning my brushes! The thought alone puts me in a really lazy mood and for a long while, I was the biggest procrastinator when it came to cleaning my brushes.

"Next week.... Maybe tomorrow?.... Nope too lazy to do it today.... But, they're not too dirty yet.... One more week, promise...."

Then the next thing I know, I'm saying hello to new pimples all over my face. I failed to realize that makeup brushes can really affect the skin. All my hard work in keeping my face clean will all go to waste if I do not stop using filthy brushes!

Around the time when Jae tagged me on Swirl and Sparkle's photo, my brush cleaning pad which was DIY-ed by my sister was falling apart, literally! I used dishwashing soap for cleaning my brushes and I found that it took me forever to rinse my brushes, and when I dried them on a paper towel, I still saw some leftover makeup in the bristles. That bugged me so much! I cannot believe that I spent about an hour cleaning my brushes and still end up with leftover makeup in them! What a waste of time, energy and well, water! Plus, the lavender scent of the dishwashing soap I used made my brushes smell nasty. So that day, I was already making a mental note of looking for a better dishwashing soap and another plastic pad to DIY a makeup scrub thingy, until Jae came to the rescue!

When Jae tagged me on Swirl and Sparkle's photo, Marii, the owner responded to both Jae and I and sent us a Direct Message informing us of an ongoing promo she was having at that time. For just $2.99, we'll be able to sample one of their minis! It was a steal, and my excitement just escalated from then on! When I received my package, I was surprised to see that Marii sent me not just one, not just two, but 6 mini samples of her cleansers in different scents! Included in the package was a letter explaining why she sent me 6. Shipping it out internationally turned out a little pricier so she decided to just send more to justify the shipping costs. I guess it felt silly for her to send just one mini sample at the price she was paying for shipping. I hope that made sense. HAHA. Anyway, my point is that I LOVE how thoughtful Marii was and I appreciate her kind gesture very much. That day, I cleaned all my makeup brushes and guess what, I AM OBSESSED! I didn't know what I was missing, until I used her products! 

Swirl and Sparkle is a small but growing new brand of makeup brush cleansers that boasts of a very unique cleaning method that effectively leaves your brushes squeeky clean in just a few swirls; they use diamonds!

They have two types of cleansers: Vegan Shea Butter or Goat's Milk both in their signature and bare naked forms. The Signature form are the cleansers with the acrylic diamonds in them while the Bare Naked form is the cleanser without the diamonds for people who want to use the cleanser for washing their makeup sponges. These cleansers also come in different shapes and sizes and in a variety of scents! Their signature scents are Toasted Marshmallow, Coconut Mandarin, Chocolate Cake and of course they have an Unscented one for those of you who are sensitive to scents. They recently launched a new scent called Samoa Cookie which I know for sure smells so delicious! They also offer customization on the lids of full-sized products and some of their products support amazing causes! All Swirl and Sparkle products are handmade, hand-poured and hand-assembled and 100% cruelty-free! How awesome is that?!

These cleansers are very comparable to the Sephora solid brush cleaner ones! If you ask me, you'll be saving a lot more money by switching to the Swirl and Sparkle cleansers!

Swirlandsparkle= 3 0z. for $27.99    SEPHORA solid cleanser=  1 0z. for $15.95

Swirlandsparkle= 3 0z. for $27.99    SEPHORA solid cleanser=  1 0z. for $15.95

One of the things I love about Swirl and Sparkle's cleansers are the diamonds! Not only do they look so pretty in your brush cleansers, but they also aid and help you in your cleaning process by becoming the scrub you've always needed! The diamonds really help knock down nasty makeup gunk in your brushes and I promise you, your makeup brushes will thank you after!

That same day upon trying the mini samples Marii sent me, I immediately bought a 3oz. Bare Naked cleanser so I can properly blog about her products. I chose a Bare Naked type of cleanser because it will not damage my Real Techniques complexion sponge. The little diamonds in Swirl and Sparkle's cleansers can be damaging to makeup sponges. I decided to go for the customized lid because though the cleanser is a Bare Naked one, I can still get some scrubbing action by some customized upgrades to the lid! 

I received my full-sized brush cleanser today and OMG, I AM SO IN LOVE with it that I honestly feel excited to clean my brushes now. (I actually cleaned some brushes for this post haha!)


  • The cleansers I got smell so good! Even my niece Heather couldn't get her nose out of my minis and my 3 oz. cleanser! She said it smells so good, she can eat it! "Smells like choclet!"
  • What used to be 30-45 minutes of brush cleaning was cut down to 10-15 minutes! Seriously, using S&S will make your life easier!
  • It makes a pretty good lather and really does break down makeup living in the brushes in just a few swirls! Thanks to the diamonds in the cleanser!
  • Rinsing off the soap has never been so fast! OMG, you need this in your life!
  • I find that my brushes dry up faster than before.
  • The only bad thing I can say about Swirl and Sparkle was the shipping duration. I don't know why it took three weeks for my products to get to me, considering that the amount I paid for shipping was not cheap at all. I'm not sure who to blame, maybe it's the USPS service? I don't know. All I know is that it felt like forever but I'm just so happy that I have it now!


Heck yes! Which leads me to this announcement! Marii was very generous to me, so I thought I'd share my blessings with you!

I will be giving away  5  mini samples along with a set of Real techniqes brushes that I think will be very essential in your makeup routine! this giveaway is open internationally and I will literally pick out the name of the winner from a hat so get as many points as you can by following the mechanics! only one winner will be picked.


  1. Subscribe to my blog through bloglovin (1Pt)

  2. follow me on INstagram (1pt)

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  5. comment below your full name and the numbers you've accomplished (1pt) (example: Corinth suarez 1,2,3,4,5 (if you've done 1-5 of the mechanics) *so I can count your points. each point is equivalent to one name in the draw. More points, more names, more names, more chances of winning! you can only get a maximum of 5 points)

Please take note that it is important for you to do number 5 because without your name, I will not be able to count your entry in. So please be sure to leave a comment below in accordance to the instruction. 

I will announce the winner next week on Snapchat and Twitter so be sure to follow me there! Good luck!

I know, this post is too long, but I hope you enjoyed discovering something you never thought you'd need in life! I promise you, this is a game changer! YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE!

Do you want to see a post on how I clean and care for my brushes using Swirl and Sparkle? Just let me know and I can make that happen! 

Check out Swirl and Sparkle's Etsy store for more information on their products and follow them on Instagram for regular updates and promos!

disclaimer: Swirl and Sparkle sent me 6 mini samples in exchange for an Instagram post/review. All thoughts written on this post are entirely my own. I honestly loved the products and I'm sure, you will too!